Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Welcome to "The Motorsports Soapbox"

Welcome, everyone, to "The Motorsports Soapbox." This blog was created in response to repeated requests by our "Sirius Speedway" listeners for a place to go for more information on the show, photos of the "Sirius Speedway" pit crew, and more on the thoughts and opinions expressed on the show.

I thought a good way to start would be to answer a few "Frequently Asked Questions" about the show:

Q: "When and where can I hear 'Sirius Speedway'?"
A: Monday through Friday, 3 to 6 p.m. ET on Sirius Sports 123, with periodic late night re-broadcasts, as well. Visit for exact times and dates of replays.

Q: "How do I get on the show?"
A: The "Sirius Speedway" listener line is toll-free and nationwide, at 866-PIT-LANE -- that's 866-748-5263. You can also e-mail us at I personally read every e-mail and respond to most, though time constraints prevent me from replying in person to everything we receive.

Q:"What topics are off-limits on the show?"
A: Within the bounds of good taste...none. We're not "The Howard Stern Show" (not that there's anything wrong with that, we LOVE Howard), but as long as you keep it clean and stay on topic, your opinion is welcome.

Q: How come you guys don't talk about my favorite track or series?
A: We talk about what our listeners are most interested in. While your local track may be of great interest to YOU, it's not necessarily spellbinding for the rest of the nationwide audience. As a result, we generally confine our conversations to national series with strong fan followings.

Q: "Can I get an autographed picture?"
A: Presently, no. We're working on it, but for now, you'll have to content yourselves with the photos here on the blog. I'll post more from time to time.

Q: "What's the deal with `The Stretch Drive?'"
A: I have no earthly idea. Back in the show's infancy, I thought it would be a good idea to make the final segment of the day a smorgasbord; letting the listeners steer the ship and take us wherever they wanted to go. And despite Marty's constant complaining, it remains that way today. Call me crazy.

Q: "Is Suzy Q. as hot in person as she sounds on the radio?"
A: No comment. I have to work with the woman.

OK, that's it for my first posting. Check back from time to time for updates, and I'll try to post on a semi-daily basis. And on behalf of everyone at "Sirius Speedway," thanks for listening, `Dogs. We couldn't do it without you.

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