Tuesday, July 15, 2014

KBM Truck Team Sanctioned By NASCAR... Again

The No. 51 Kyle Busch Motorsports team that competes in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series has been penalized for a rules infraction discovered in post-race inspection July 11 at Iowa Speedway.

The infraction is a P2 level penalty and violates Sections 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing) and 20B-12.8.1 (truck failed to meet post-race height requirements) of the 2014 NASCAR rule book.

As a result of this infraction, crew chief Eric Phillips has been fined $6,000 and placed on NASCAR probation until Dec. 31. In addition, driver Erik Jones has lost 10 championship driver points and owner Kyle Busch has lost 10 championship owner points.


  1. Small price to pay for a win and a trophy. Don't matter when you're not running for points. The other truck can win the owners title while the other takes the lions share of the purse and gives up a few grand.

  2. Anonymous6:15 PM

    (actions detrimental to stock car racing

    TNT Total number of commercials: 114

    That's detrimental to stock car racing

    Never have I read such an absurd description or a car sitting too low after a race.

    Maybe if NASCAR stopped being insulted by these infractions, the public wouldn't laugh at them. Detrimental to racing is being drunk, getting in a fight, cursing at the fans, not being too low post race. Pretty soon judging by the fans in the stands at New Hampshire and anticipating the ratings didn't stay steady or rise, they won't have to worry about being insulted.

    1. Anonymous11:14 AM

      Louden ratings were 2.7, down a half a point over last year. It has always been my belief that, instead of having so many commercials, play less and charge more. After a while, the viewer looks for something else to watch. If we assume the race was 3 hours long, that meant 38 commercials an hour. No one should have to endure that. Goodbye TNT, we don't hate to see you go.

  3. Brian France should be sanctioned by the race fans for being detrimental to stock car racing.

  4. Dwayne in Memphis10:42 AM

    At what point are we going to get past this "knowing the winner when you leave the track" illusion. Spin this to the Cup level - is there a rule in place about being found too low in Post-Race, and your qualifying for the Chase? "I need a win to get in...let's just rig the car" Then you get credit for the win, since NASCAR never takes a win, and so what if you lose a few or a lot of points. The points don't matter if you have a win, right? It's the NASCAR equivalent of steroids, in my opinion. Jimmie Johnson still has 69 wins and 6 championships in the NASCAR record books. No asterisks about Post-Race or probation or suspensions by the crew chief. But, hey, they took points and levied fines and handed out suspensions.

    You start announcing on Tuesday that #2 Penske Racing Ford was found to be (insert infraction here) in Post-Race inspection and has been disqualified from the race. The winner is Kyle Busch who now gets the money, bonuses, etc for the win, most laps led and other drivers adjusted accordingly, then this "too low" crap would stop.

    Or keep letting the ones found illegal (public reads "cheating") keep the wins and the Chase slots and wonder why the sport struggles to gain mainstream acceptance.

  5. The real question here is how many times can a team or crew member be put on probation for the same infraction in a season and probation not be a joke.

  6. g55rumpy12:36 PM

    maybe NASCAR should make it so a car/truck can`t be adjusted out of specs during the races. set upper/lower stops to do it. now maybe the crews won`t be able to make a great handling car but the drivers will get a lesson in driving an ill-handling car