Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Investigation Complete, Busch's Fate Now In Hands of Delaware State's Attorney

The Dover (DE) Police Department confirmed today that it has completed its investigation into the alleged domestic assault committed by driver Kurt Busch against former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll last September at Dover International Speedway.

A spokesperson for the department declined to release the report or comment on its contents. It has been forwarded to the Delaware State’s Attorney’s office, which will now decide whether to file charges against Busch.

Driscoll has accused Busch of choking her and smashing her head into the wall of his motorhome, charges the former Sprint Cup Series champion adamantly denies.

A separate hearing in Kent County (Del.) Family Court to determine whether Driscoll should be issued an order of protection from Busch will resume later this month.


  1. what a crummy way for Kurt and SH racing to have to start the year

  2. debster12:35 PM

    I only hope the actual truth comes out...once you are accused of something there is no vindication of innocence either way..