Wednesday, September 02, 2015

AmeriCarna Set For Season Three

Through two seasons of his television show AMERICARNA, NASCAR legend Ray Evernham has given viewers unprecedented access to our nation’s fascinating cultural history through its greatest invention: the automobile.  Velocity, America’s #1 television network for car lovers, announced today that it has given the green light for eight all-new episodes of AMERICARNA that promise to give viewers an even greater understanding of the car culture that helped shape the country’s identity.  
Three-time NASCAR Cup champion crew chief and Hall of Fame nominee Evernham returns as host, scouting the unknown stories of automotive history that have yet to be told.  Season Three of AMERICARNA will be supercharged with celebrities, enhanced restoration coverage and two hour-long specials, coming to Velocity in the first quarter of 2016.
“As a leading car expert, Ray is a signature fixture on Velocity,” said Robert Scanlon, General Manager of Velocity and Automotive Content.  “AMERICARNA is a reflection of his lifelong passion for cars as an iconic figure in NASCAR and as a racer, customizer and restorer. Through Ray’s careful uncovering of automotive artifacts and thoughtful interviews, the show brings viewers the best stories within our nation’s evolving four-wheeled narrative.”
“It has been an absolute thrill to share the, sometimes overlooked, cultural impact that cars have had on America in the first two seasons of AMERICARNA” said Evernham. “For the new season, we decided to dig deeper, get more personal and give our viewers even more behind-the-scenes access that you just can’t find anywhere else on television. From music icons to racing royalty, season three of AMERICANRA will have something for everyone.”

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