Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Michael Waltrip Racing Denied On Appeal

The National Motorsports Appeals Panel has denied the appeal of a P4 penalty issued on Sept. 23 to Michael Waltrip Racing owner Rob Kauffman, driver Clint Bowyer and crew chief Billy Scott in the aftermath of the recent race at Chicagoland Speedway. 

The original penalty assessed included a $75,000 fine, three-race suspension and six months’ probation for Scott and loss of 25 championship car owner and 25 championship driver points to both Kauffman and Bowyer.

Upon hearing the testimony, the Panel ruled that the Appellants violated the Rules set forth in the Penalty Notice, thereby upholding the penalty assessed by NASCAR.


  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Awe man; I sure hope Billy Scott doesn't have to pay that $75,000 fine. However if Kauffman has to, MWR might have to close up a little sooner so Rob can recoup some of that loss. The morale at MWR can't be that great right now; especially with no chance of getting in the Chase without a win. Maybe Clint can bring some people with him to H-Scott or SHR? Or better yet Rob can take some over with him to Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates (soon to be Ganassis Racing with Felix Sabates & Rob Kauffman).

  2. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Well imagine that. It is a shame for all the good people that work there. The organization came in cheating and is going out cheating. I have never liked them after they fired Reutiman the way they did. No class.