Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Misty Invades California! (And We've Got The Photos To Prove It!)

"Hey Everybody!"

Sirius Speedway favorite Misty, her husband Heath and friend Erika trekked to California Speedway last weekend to take part in the brutally hot NASCAR Nextel Cup Series SONY HD 500 race weekend, and tracked down Dave at the MRN Radio trailer to say hello.

The whole gang got a guided tour of Motor Racing Network mobile broadcast facility, where the air conditioning was a big hit. They met a number of MRN personalities -- including frequent Sirius Speedway guest host Mike Bagley and engineer Chris "Cheesecake" Desrochers -- and posed for a few pictures to commemorate the occasion.

Misty came to the track dressed to impress, decked out in her one-of-a-kind "Sirius Speedway Rocks My World" shirt, and a few strands of Ryan Newman beads. Don't ask how she got those, she's absolutely not telling.

She got to meet Ryan's mom during a midday stop at his souvenir trailer, but Newman himself did not do much to make it a happy weekend, finishing 33rd and dropping another spot to 16th in points.

For more pics of the Sirius Speedway gang, click on the Photo Album HERE.


  1. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Go Misty!!!

  2. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Hey Moody

    Glad to see you and Bag Man have once again engaged in the legendary activity of being 'one with the fans'... you should write a book.

    Keep in touch and hopefully our paths with cross before Homestead.

    Take care, LD @ MI

  3. Dave, after looking at the enclosed pictures... I am reminded of a joke we used in radio that applies to you: You have the perfect face for radio! Siriusly, the show def rocks, keep up the great work. Listen when I can between fire calls at work....