Saturday, September 02, 2006

This Should Concern Us All....

Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetto della Sport says Jacques Villeneuve is getting closer to a deal with a NASCAR team. The Canadian driver found himself on the Formula One unemployment line last month, when the BMW Sauber team sent him packing after the German Grand Prix. La Gazzetto reports that Villeneuve is in talks with a NASCAR team, but does not specify whether it is a Nextel Cup, Busch, Craftsman Truck operation.

God help us.


  1. Anonymous9:23 PM

    I agree, it should be a concern. From what I have read Villeneuve will be running 5-7 Busch events in '07.

    That should be fun considering fellow Canadian Paul "Rock'em Sock'em Robot" Tracy has also signed to compete in Busch next year.

    Those two may give the term Buschwhackers a new meaning.

  2. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Villeneuve did win the Indy 500! He was a top driver in Indy cars before his illfated move to F1. Why are you so anto villeneuve Dave, or are you just that anti Formula 1?

  3. Anonymous11:10 PM

    I'll say a Busch ride. He is no spring chicken which seem to be looking for drivers in NASCAR anymore.

  4. Anonymous11:22 PM

    illfated move to F1?

    he did win the F1 championship. the problems came a little bit later.

    anyway, i hate myself, i heard his first single (yes, he has an "album" out) and its not bad. i actually like the song.

  5. I dislike the guy because he takes such joy in blaming his struggles on teammates, crewmembers, and everyone but himself. He is the ultimate team killer, in my view, and that attitude has played a major role in his departure from Formula One.