Thursday, August 31, 2006

Here's Your Chance To Win Official Sirius Speedway Swag!

O, ye patient listeners, the time has finally come for you to cash in with official Sirius Speedway apparell! Each day, one listener will be chosen at random to receive an all-new, full-color Sirius Speedway T-shirt, compliments of your favorite motorsports radio program!

Simply e-mail your name, mailing address and daytime phone number to, and when the Sirius Speedway leprechauns dial your number, answer with the phrase that pays: "Sirius Speedway Rocks My World!"

One entry per listener, please, and you must answer your phone -- IN PERSON -- with the Phrase That Pays to win.


  1. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Thanks for the opportunity Moody. One beef though; your 800 number doesn't work in northern Canada!!! Have producer-boy deal with that for me would ya! I'd love to be able to call the show.
    Oh ya...the RED ARMY is alive and well up here! Go Jr.!!!!
    Thanks, Ward Grant

  2. I finally got sirius radio recently. Well in my wife's car. :)

    Need to check your show out sometime, and get the schedule down especially when NASCAR goes on sirius. It seems pretty cool so far.


  3. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Yeah, that phone number thing has got to be fixed! It doesn't work anywhere in Canada. We're listening Dave, Marty , and Suzy but we just can't call. If we could we sure would have a lot to say!! Most of the other Sirius channels take calls from Canada, why not you guys?

  4. Anonymous12:16 PM

    hey guys and gals.I know nobody wants to hear about the tire/wheel issues at RCR anymore but I been thinkin. Could the fact that nascar never went public with this be that,like the 48 crew and their upside-down shocks, there was nothing in the rule book that says either was"illegal" nascar said it is however 'unapproved'-dont bring it here again!Has nascar ever considered the RCR mod as a possible remedy to the ongoing problem of drivers blowing the right front and look into possibly mandating something like that for the sake of driver safety and costly procedure of repairing these racecars? Thanks. Glen. P.S Iwas no.4 on the t-shirt win list-Thanks a bunch-I wear it with pride

  5. I luv Susy Q--She Rocks my World....Oh yea,I'm a huge DJ fan and can't wait until he gets a decent ride again.I don't really care if you fix the phone lines in Canada,I didn't even know they had phones yet...cacornhusker

  6. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Hey Dave, Marty, Suzie, Love the Show but ya gotta fix the 800 number think for us here in Canada,

  7. Dave, Marty, and Suzy,
    Love your show, I listen every day while putting miles under me. I have convinced many to abandon the other satellite provider in anticipation of Sirius hosting nascar racing next season. Keep up the great work... Sirius speedway rocks my world!!!!!!