Friday, August 25, 2006

Notes From All Over

Congratulations Tom: Legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway Public Address announcer Tom Carnegie was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America last night in Detroit, along with Formula One and Indy Car greatNigel Mansell, NASCAR stars Curtis Turner and Hershel McGriff, sports car racer Elliott Forbes-Robinson, motorcycle racer Jeff Ward, and drag racer Chris “The Golden Greek” Karamesines.

The 86-year old Carnegie retired in May after calling his 61st Indianapolis 500, to go with 12 NASCAR Brickyard 400s and six U.S. Grand Prix. Known as "The Voice of God" at the Brickyard, Carnegie is already a member of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indiana Basketball Halls of Fame.

Mr. Carnegie will be our live guest today on Sirius Speedway.

Sadler For The Defense: Elliott Sadler commented on his new employer, Ray Evernham, today, alluding to comments made by former driver Jeremy Mayfield that accused Evernham of being an absentee owner, and hurting the performance of the #19 team.

Sadler said of Evernham, "I think he's focused as a car owner. He told me he's missed three Cup races since 1993 as a crewchief and an owner -- three. Go find somebody else in the garage who has only missed three races in that period of time. I haven't seen Joe Gibbs at the track lately. He's coaching the Washington Redskins. Does that mean he's not a good Nextel Cup owner? Of course not. He's got other things to do."

“Richard Childress loves to go hunting and fishing. Does that mean he doesn't want the #29 and #31 in the Chase? Of course not. He goes to bed every night with it on his mind.”

“Teresa Earnhardt? I haven't seen her here in a long time, but she's a great part of our sport.”

“This is not a one-man sport. We have 330 employees at Evernham's. I think Ray is very focused. He's been at the shop every time I've been there. We go to lunch every day. His focus and drive have been amazing to me. If I can match it, we're going to have a good race team.”

Responding to Mayfield’s “absentee owner” comments, Sadler said, “Ray’s got a great group of guys under him to run this race team, and I don't think you can penalize a guy for that. I don't understand some of the stuff that's been (said). I think it's been very one sided. You have people under you that make decisions and run the team. That's why you appoint people under you to do things.”

Worst-Kept Secret In NASCAR Revealed: Bill Davis Racing confirmed today that Mayfield will drive the team’s new No. 36 Toyota Camry next season, with sponsorship from 360 OTC a brand of over-the-counter pain relief medicines. Dave Blaney will also remain in the No. 22 next season.

Team Owner Bill Davis announced the signings this morning, saying, “We're excited that Jeremy has decided to join our team. Both Dave and Jeremy are very talented and capable drivers, who are veterans of the sport and yet still hungry to win.”

Mayfield has made 402 career Nextel Cup starts, and was a participant in the Chase for the Championship in each of the last two seasons.


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Let's hope Bill Davis & team have no secrets-cause the first time Jeremy feels neglected he will throw a temper tantrum & tell all he knows.

  2. Sounds like sour grapes from "anonymous".

    Mayfield is a good signing for BDR... an established driver with a good record on the track. Uh, he has been it "The Chase" the last two years.

    Yes, he has a record of burning bridges, but for a year or two, he's a good choice.

  3. Pete Can.10:01 PM

    I would like to give a howdy to markvg and say I agree with you. Some people (a lot) condemn JM about his ride at Pensky's. If you check the records, you will see that the number 77 has never done any thing to be proud of except to put big bucks in the owners pocket. ( this is not a Pensky owned car, it belonged to one partner.) While I'm at it the # 25 is the same.

  4. I am glad Jeremy was picked up quickly by BDR. He is a great driver and deserves better than what he was getting from Evernham.
    I actually think the Toyota teams may rule the 2007 season. At the very least raise the level of competition in NASCAR tremendously.

  5. Allan1:56 AM

    dave i tried to call in monday and ask about a comment someone said about tony stewart saying that now they can get back to doing what they like to do i guess my question is what the f#*k have they been doing all along just tring to ride around maybe i misunderstood his comments can you explain dont get me wrong i am a huge smoke fan and that just drives me nuts thanks allan in utah
    p.s. still waiting to recieve my t-shirt been 2 weeks tuesday and havent recieved it yet thanks again you guys are awesome....