Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sadler To Drive #19 Dodge This Weekend

It's official.

Sirius Speedway confirmed this morning that Elliott Sadler will take over the No. 19 Dodge for Evernham Motorsports, beginning this weekend at Michigan. An anonymous source close to the situation told me today that Sadler received his official release from Robert Yates Racing at 9:00 last night, clearing the way for him to replace Jeremy Mayfield this weekend.

In fact, Sadler is testing an Evernham Dodge at Kentucky Speedway today.

Kasey Kahne inadvertantly let the cat out of the bag last night, telling a group of reporters, “The 19 hasn’t performed at all this year, and actually has been bad at most of the tracks. They’re out of the top-35 in points, so Ray is changing some things around there. I think Elliott Sadler is going to be in the car this weekend. It’s going to be good.”


  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I hope that this ride gives Sadler all that he wishes. Otherwise, I don't think Ray will wait 4 years for Sadler to try and get out of another contract.

  2. Evernham and Sadler deserve each other, as both lack integrity.

  3. How exactly does Sadler lack integrity? He left a horrible team that gave him no chance of winning a race no less a title. How is that lacking integrity? Every time that I can remember when Sadler has made a mistake he is the first to admit it, something that Tony Stewart should take a close look at. Your comment is way off base, my little friend.

  4. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Matt might want to read some of Okla21fan's blogs concerning Sadler. Some interesting shiznit and he appears to have been a fan of Sadler for quite some time. You can judge for yourself.

  5. Anonymous3:19 PM

    So he left a "horrible" team for a team that has not had a top 10 all year? What does that classify them as?


    Where's my thesaurus?

  6. Anonymous9:24 AM

    How does Sadler lack integrity?

    Matt, you only have to look at the press conference transript to see the lack there of. Since May and up until Sadler received his formal release from his RYR contract, Sadler time and time again told the media

    "I haven't talked to anyone".

    Yet now his new owner says that talks began in early July when he was STILL under contract with RYR.

    Then there was that 'I am happy with RYR and have a contract' quotes from Sadler as late as June. Yet now Sadler speaks yesterday that he and Robert had made a decision to splits 'months ago'.

    Sadler speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Like his new owner, neither should be trusted to tell the truth.