Wednesday, February 28, 2007

COT Testing At Thunder Valley!

Dale Jarrett tests his Car Of Tomorrow Toyota Camry at Bristol Motor Speedway today, in Day One of a two-day session.

NASCAR officials put their new, one-piece body template to work on Juan Pablo Montoya's COT Dodge at Bristol today. (Alex Hayden photos)

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  1. Rockn Ron Jr10:13 PM

    after watching higlights of the test on Speed channel. I am growing more and more attached to the COT. It looks like it may just race as well as expected. the car seems to hug the truck nicely. Lap times seems like they are gonna be fairly closer to current times. Even the wing doesnt bother me anymore. After seeing all the adjustments the teams can make to it during the race, make up for the ugliness. The only thing I dont like is the front splitter. I think this was poorly thought out. Take Ward Burton in the practice for instance. He got the inside wall with the front of the car and destroyed the splitter. And as the low as the cars are running, what is gonna happen at tracks where the surface isnt the smoothest. I see alot of spliters breaking just from the track surface.