Sunday, February 25, 2007

Observations Made While Falling Asleep In The Ontario, California International Airport On A Sunday Evening

Matt Kenseth on an intermediate track is as smooth as the inside of a lamb's ear. But I still think Harvick would have beaten him, if his tire hadn't gone flat under caution.

Chip Ganassi Racing is going to be just fine. Montoya continues to amaze, Stremme was a top-12 car again today if he hadn't pitted a lap before Sterling Marlin's wreck brought out the caution, and Reed Sorenson's luck is bound to change one of these days.

After three days contending with Los Angeles traffic, I understand the high volume of "road rage" shootings in this state. I don't condone, but I understand.

Bobby Ginn's money has done wonderful things to the former MB2 Motorsports. Mark Martin now leads the Nextel Cup point standings, but insisted again after the race that he's sticking to his original, part-time Cup schedule. He didn't even say, "at this time" this time.

I spoke with a fan who spent nearly $250 on Saturday Busch Series tickets, then was told it would cost him and his family an additional $50 a head to walk into the infield. Not the garage, the freakin' INFIELD. Coincidentally, I'm sure, you could once again have fired a howitzer into the California Speedway grandstands this weekend, without harming a soul.

NASCAR is, at best, the fourth most popular spectator sport in California, behind NFL football, NBA basketball and televised, high-speed police chases.

The Academy Awards are being presented tonight, just 60 miles from here in L.A. I thought I saw Britney Spears at the track today, but it turned out to be a bald guy in a Jimmie Johnson T-shirt.

All by itself, the DEI engine department eradicated an ongoing mosquito problem in neighboring Rancho Cucamonga. Paul Menard's Busch engine? Kaboom. Martin Truex's Cup powerplant? Pfffft. And Dale Junior's Cup engine? Ka-blammo. TWICE! I'm no expert, but if you ask me, those "experimental parts" aren't cutting it.

Smoothest marketing move of the weekend? The "Three Races For $99" radio ads Las Vegas Motor Speedway flooded the Greater Los Angeles market with all week.

After watching three days of "aero push" at its absolute worst, I've decided that the Car Of Tomorrow can't arrive a moment too soon. I swear, if he could have gotten to the lead, James Hylton would have driven off to a six-second lead.

I'm glad David Reutimann is okay. That was a nasty lick. And while I'm at it, the fact that Reutimann has been the most successful member of the Michael Waltrip Racing triumvirate so far this season says a lot about him, and maybe something about Mikey and DJ, as well.

Enough of the cold weather already. We've been to Florida and California in the last two weeks, and have yet to shed the parkas. If I wanted to shiver, I'd go home to Vermont!

Talk to you tomorrow, it's time to board...


  1. Hell, I fell asleep during the race!
    BTW smooth move by NASCAR scheduling the race on the same day as the Oscars, so much for being the big story when you come to town.

  2. My wife actually came up with this question. With all the Jr. - DEI contract talks, one has to wonder if Jr. looks across the garage and sees the RCR camp performing well thinking "that could be me".

  3. Tom in Plano, TX3:07 PM

    Dave! On a roll!!