Sunday, February 25, 2007

Does Jack Know About This?????

Check out THIS LINK, paying special attention to the third paragraph. For the record, Red Sox owner John Henry is Jack Roush's new partner at Roush-Fenway Racing. Some things are just too ironic...

Thanks to the Hartford (CT) Courant for the article.


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    This is typical from John Henry. Not looking at the big picture. Time and time again this man has always done was is in the best interest for himself, not his organization.

    He is definitely not cut out to be an owner in a great sport such as NASCAR. It is too bad he broke the #1 rule in motorsports to stand by your team and sponsor obligations.

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    hopefully jack knows now and will do something about it.

    this guy is a bafooooon. imagine if richard childress went out and bought a ford. i think the planet would start to rotate in the opposite direction.

  3. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I guess this tells us all, that the guy has more dollars than sense. Or at least that he has the money to get into the sport, but not the knowledge. Wow.

  4. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Dont get mad at the man he bought the BEST truck on the market for his money. All others take note or better yet watch a craftsman truck series race!!

  5. Though Henry is not a person I favor, for personal reasons of another issue come and gone, I think we may wish to ponder the idea that possibly, he had a contractual obligation with the player or himself, or the team, or the stadium prior to his dispensing this nice gift.

    Just a thought, but hey, I could be wrong!

  6. Anonymous4:08 AM

    oooooh! he bought a Toyota. Big Deal!

  7. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Best pickup? The Tundra took third in a recent test by Car & Driver. The Chevy Silverado was #1, followed by the Nissan Titan.