Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Musgrave Hunting Sponsors For Ballew #51; Sources Say Benson Set For KBM Ride

Ted Musgrave told Sirius Speedway Wednesday that he has an opportunity to replace Kyle Busch in the driver’s seat of the #51 Billy Ballew Motorsports Camping World Truck Series Toyota next season, if adequate sponsorship can be found.

“I have some proposals out there, and a couple of them have progressed as far as the CFO stage, so I’m hopeful that something will come together,” said Musgrave. “Right now, I don’t even need a full season sponsor. If we can just get started, I think we could make everything come together. We don’t necessarily need $2-3-million from a single sponsor.”

Asked about the status of Ballew’s longtime sponsor, Miccosukee Gaming and Resorts, Musgrave said, “They’ll be on the side of Kyle Busch’s new truck next season. When Kyle left, he took the sponsor with him. Billy (Ballew) took a hard hit on that one.”

Musgrave said neither he nor Ballew is interested in anything left than a full-bore effort. “Racing for Top-10s is not my style,” he said. “I’ve always gone all out, and Billy’s the same way Different companies have different financial plans. I’m not sure when we’ll hear something on these sponsorship proposals, but it’s definitely `the sooner the better.’” But like I said, even something to get us started would be nice.”

Busch is expected to announce details of his new Kyle Busch Motorsports team on Friday, and sources tell Sirius Speedway that another former Truck Series champion, Johnny Benson, will be featured prominently in that announcement. Officials of KBM reportedly met with representatives of Exide Batteries last week about sponsoring one of three planned Toyota Tundras to be fielded by the team.

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