Friday, January 22, 2016

TBR Comments On Bowman's Firing Via Twitter

When I pressed `refresh’ on Twitter, it said I was fired.” 
Tommy Baldwin Racing offered an explanation today for the bizarre series of circumstances that resulted in driver Alex Bowman learning of his release from the team on Twitter. 

Bowman told SiriusXM NASCAR Radio late Thursday that he had yet to be officially informed of his release, adding, “There hasn’t been any conversation with Tommy. I talked to him on Monday and everything was good. I talked to him late Wednesday night and everything was good. I went to the gym yesterday morning… and when I pressed `refresh’ on Twitter, it said I was fired.” 

TBR issued a written statement today calling the manner of Bowman’s release “unfortunate and certainly unintentional. The culture of doing business in motorsports has become more complex and involves many parties such as agents, business managers, attorneys and sponsors. A comment in passing may be overheard and subsequently conveyed to the media. 

“Our intention, as it always is, was to follow business protocol and notify Alex and his management of our decision,” said the statement. “Again, it’s unfortunate that confidentiality was compromised, and the news delivered in this manner.” 

The statement continued, saying, “The business of NASCAR is no different than any other professional sport. There are a lot of moving parts and pieces behind the scenes that fans and media don’t see. Decisions are made carefully over a period of time and are influenced by many factors. As the competition and business models change in NASCAR, it’s the responsibility of teams to make decisions accordingly. We felt that we needed to make some changes, and the driver was one of them. 

“Alex Bowman is a talented, young race car driver,” said the team. “He has a good future ahead of him. We appreciate his time with us and wish him well.” 

Bowman, meanwhile, took the high road, saying, “I guess you’ll have that in big-time auto racing. I’m disappointed that it worked out that way, but I’m really appreciative of everything TBR did for me. Tommy and everyone were like a big family to me for a little over a year now.  

“It’s unfortunate that it had to turn out this way, but I’m really looking forward to my nine (FINITY Series) races with JR Motorsports.”  


  1. So, does the person that broke this confidentiality still have a job themselves?

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