Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Randy LaJoie: "I Screwed Up."

Two-time NASCAR Nationwide Series champion Randy LaJoie told Sirius NASCAR Radio’s Sirius Speedway with Dave Moody Tuesday that he is guilty of violating NASCAR’s substance abuse policy.

LaJoie won the then-NASCAR Busch Series championship in both 1996 and 1997, and has recently worked as an analyst for both ESPN and Sirius NASCAR Radio, in addition to manufacturing racing seats for his company, The Joie Of Seating. He said he expects an announcement from NASCAR within the hour confirming his suspension, but wanted to "get out in front of it" by speaking out now.

“I screwed up,” said LaJoie in an exclusive Sirius Speedway interview. “NASCAR tested me when I wanted to spot for someone at Nashville. I already have two NASCAR licenses, but they said I needed a spotter’s license, and that included taking a drug test. I took the test, and got a call a few days later saying I had tested positive for marijuana.”

LaJoie called the incident “a one-time, isolated situation,” saying he smoked marijuana just once, immediately following the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. “I'm not Cheech and Chong," he said. "I volunteer my time driving a golf cart taking people back and forth, and I dropped one group off in the campground after the race. There was a pretty good party going on and I did something I shouldn’t have done. I sure wish I had picked up a different bunch, but I don’t blame any of them. Nobody held a gun to my head. I blame myself. You can’t fix stupid.”

LaJoie said he will do whatever NASCAR requires in order to be reinstated. “I have already spoken to my own drug abuse counselor, and I am waiting for a call back from NASCAR’s doctor,” he said. “I’ll go wherever they tell me to go, and I’ll do what they tell me to do.”

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