Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Godfather Gear Is Near! Give Us Your Opinion!

Hey Everyone! We are nearing completion on our first item of "Godfather Gear;" an awesome t-shirt designed by our friend, NASCAR artist Sam Bass. Now, we need your help in deciding what specific items to produce. Men are easy, they want standard shirts in sizes up to 3XL. Ladies, what would you like to see? Women's cut t-shirts, sleeveless tees or tank tops?

Please give us your feedback!


  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    TAnk tops

  2. You know GFMS sweatshirts would be nice too. It gets kind of cold some nights at the local short track, and a sweatshirt would allow us to stay warm and represent at the same time.

  3. Doug M9:51 AM

    Some of us fat boys would be willing to pay more for larger sizes. 4x and 5x would be nice.

    1. Yes yes yes...thank you doug, as Ican wear a 3x...once...usually...then give em away....4x Godfather...GLAD to pay whatever...

  4. Lorri M.9:57 AM

    Hey Godfather ! Your biggest Vermont fan here :-) Love listening to you. I work for the company that makes Chessters Ice Cream sandwiches, if you have had them and would like some let me know I will send you down some.

    Comments on the shirt - V neck for us ladies with less going on on the front please !

  5. Ed Balkovic - Milford, MA12:44 PM

    How about polo / golf shirts for men in same sizes as T-shirts???

  6. Anonymous8:37 PM

    On the right, left is way too busy

    Doug from I want one bad NJ

  7. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Looks good, Dave - especially considering Sam designed --- that makes it extra cool. One thing to consider if the logos are making things a bit busy on the back... you could place one smaller logo on the outside of each sleeve - if that helps and if OK sponsor-wise.

    Either way - very cool and let us know when available! I want one!

  8. Love the black background

    Would Mr. Bass consider having his logo in bottom right of the image (like a signature of a painting)?

    For Men, polo-shirts are a good idea. I hardly ever wear a plain tee-shirt anymore. The quality of the fabric matters a lot.

    Coffee mugs (travel and not) and mouse pads are also good.