Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Roush Yates Announces New School Of Technology

Roush Yates Racing Engines has announced the creation of Roush Yates School of Technology. 

The new venture comes as a result of the tremendous demand for entry level, well-trained and skilled machinists. “Bridging the skills gap for Engine Technology Education in the US is critical for the future of the racing industry and manufacturing in general,” said CEO Doug Yates.

With a successful history of engine building and racing leading to multiple engine builder awards, Yates has had a vision of sharing Roush Yates’ experience and knowledge via a structured curriculum taught by experienced industry professionals.

Roush Yates School of Technology will offer programs in Engine Block and Cylinder Head Machining.  The primary objective of the programs is to give students the opportunity to receive hands-on machining experience that will allow them to start as entry-level machinists upon completion of the training.  The students will learn the theory and fundamentals of cylinder heads and blocks as they relate to engine performance.

Classes are scheduled to begin in February 2015 and will be held for a period of 36 weeks for each program.  Roush Yates School of Technology is a part of a long time vision to continuously improve the skills available to make the best designed, highest quality components required in Roush & Yates Racing Engines as well as other quality focused industry needs.
“In America, if you want to learn about engines, this is the place to be,” said Yates. To learn more about Roush Yates School of Technology, call 704-360-1434 or visit

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