Wednesday, August 05, 2015

NASCAR Adjusts Written Warning Penalties

NASCAR has revamped its policy governing penalties for written warnings issued to teams in its three national series.

As a result of today’s changes, all written warnings received prior to this weekend's race will be erased from the record. Written warnings will begin to accumulate anew at Watkins Glen International, and for every fourth warning issued to an individual team, a loss of pit selection will result in the next point-counting event on the schedule.

Written warnings are issued for a number of infractions, including failing a qualifying or pre-race inspection multiple times at the same event, installation of additional components and/or modifications of existing components that affect the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle that are not explicitly permitted and confiscated parts that do not warrant a more severe penalty.

In the past, multiple written warnings in a race weekend would result in last choice during pit selection, loss of practice time, inspection delays, loss of qualifying time, or selection for post-race inspection. Those penalties will no longer be invoked.

NASCAR also announced that written warnings will no longer carry over to the following season.

If a team receives six or more warnings in any a six-month period, a P2 penalty may be assessed by the sanctioning body.

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    Any thoughts on what the purpose of this would be?