Friday, August 14, 2015

Ward's Mother: "We Want Stewart Accountable"

Pam and Kevin Ward, Sr.
The mother of Sprint Car driver Kevin Ward Jr. appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America today and said the wrongful death lawsuit filed last week against Tony Stewart was filed to obtain “justice for our son.’’

Ward died on August 9 of last year at New York’s Canandaigua Motorsports Park., after climbing from his damaged race car and walking across the track under caution, in an apparent attempt to confront Stewart. He was struck by the right-rear wheel of Stewart’s car and died of blunt force trauma.

His family filed suit recently seeking unspecified monetary damages for wrongful death, reckless conduct, gross negligence and the suffering allegedly experienced by Ward between the time of the collision and his death.

“I wish he wouldn’t have gotten out of the car. More than anybody,’’ said Pam Ward today. “But I also acknowledge the fact that if Tony would have stayed low on the track and not gunned his engine and headed for my son, my son would still be here.

“We want (Stewart) accountable,” she said. “The civil suit is the only action we have left. … I don’t feel Tony meant to kill my son, but his actions killed my son. I think he lost his temper.’’

A grand jury in Ontario County, NY ruled in September that there was insufficient evidence to file criminal charges against Stewart. District Attorney Michael Tantillo revealed that a post-mortem toxicology report showed Ward had used marijuana in the hours before his death, “enough to impair judgment.”

Pam Ward disputed those findings today, telling Good Morning America, “I do not believe my son was impaired.’’
Stewart has not commented on the lawsuit.


  1. Brandon in TN11:26 AM

    I truly feel for the Ward family, but with that being said, Mrs. Ward's belief is.supposed to trump a medical examiner's expertise?

  2. Anonymous11:36 AM

    I also feel for them as a parent should never lose a child. I do believe that they will be sorry they took this route because even if they win, the attorneys will get all of the money. Had they not taken this route, seeing the type of person that Tony is, my best guess is that Tony would have taken care of them on his own and probably would have also set something up so that Kevin's memory could live on.

  3. Once again everybody wants to make some money and blame everybody else.
    Kevin made the decision to walk toward a moving race car. The blame is all his.
    I'm sure being high at the time clouded his decision making!

  4. Anonymous6:50 PM

    I feel for them but its all about money and why do you need to go on TV ? I think its all planed out and some lawyer will make $$. Money will not bring him back or fill the void. Racing is a dangerous sport and there may be a little blame for all parties involved.

  5. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Someone at the race track knew Kevin was driving under the influence of marijuana. Whoever it is, they should also be held partly responsible for his death. I imagine that his parents knew also. Those people must share the blame, along with Kevin.