Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Answering Those Listener E-Mails

From time to time, I like to dip into the Listener E-Mail Bag, to get a sampling of public opinion. Most people seem to appreciate what we do here on a daily basis (thanks very much for that), but a few always take us to task for something we've said. Or failed to say.

Here is a sample of this week's incoming mail...

“Ask the constant Buschwhacker crybabies how much they are willing to contribute to their favorite low budget Busch team? Opinions are free, but results cost money. Have a yard sale, garage sale or barbeque cookout to raise money for their favorite team, instead of the whining and crying they insist on doing. If they are not going to help financially, then all the boo-hooing in the world doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.” -- Pam

Pam, I’m going to take your advice and do a PPC Racing Benefit Bake Sale next Saturday. Henry Benfield has promised to whip up a batch of his world famous brownies. That ought to get things moving!

“Great race in Mexico City. The best car won, hands down. Scott Pruett needs to quit whining, or get a job as a truck driver. If Dale, Jr., had been in the #42 Havoline car, 75% of the fans would be saying how great a move it was. It was bad that it was his teammate, but it was nothing more than racing.” -- Dusty from PA

I agree, Dusty. And for me to say I enjoyed a road race…well, you know how difficult that is.

“Will everyone just get over the Montoya thing? Do we not want a little excitement when watching a race? Do we want everyone to just let the guy up front have an easy ride? I don't care who the driver is, get around any way you can (even better if done without a wreck), but go for the win! People need to realize this is about the win, not people’s feelings. Leave that at the door. And this whole teammate thing? No loyalties there, either.”-- Lisa Donohue, Ottawa Illinois

I couldn’t agree more, Lisa. While I understand Chip Ganassi’s heartburn Sunday, he knew what he was getting when he hired JPM; a guy that simply refuses to lose.

“(About Juan Pablo Montoya), can we pick one name, like we refer to every other driver?”-- Rob Roebuck

No, Rob, but we can call him by his full name, just like we did with those nice southern boys, Lee Roy Yarbrough and Joe Lee Johnson.

“After listening to yesterdays show, I will not be listening again. A caller brought up the question of "rough Driving" in reference to Montoyas' pass on Jeff Pruitt (sic), you basically stated that NASCAR has never enforced this situation. This morning I discovered that there has been several times when NASCAR has black flagged drivers, there are over 1000 articles on the subject, according to a search on the NASCAR data base. I find you demeaning, condesending (sic) and a complete and total JACKASS. P.S. -- How many races have you won?” -- Kevin Sheehan

Gee, Kevin, my ex-wife says the exact same thing! Maybe I should introduce you. What I actually said was that NASCAR is not in the habit of black-flagging drivers who make incidental contact while racing for the lead. I’m not sure what your exhaustive Google search found, but the last instance I can recall of a winner being stripped of his win for rough driving occurred more than a quarter century ago. Not exactly a trend, in my opinion.

“Replace Montoya with Stewart. Do things change? I think they do. Replace Montoya with Gilliland. Do things change? Yes once again. Now, it would be a rookie thing. It is what it is, and no one’s going to take the W out of Montoya’s win column. BTW... Great show! I appreciate your dedication to recognizing our opinions, regardless of whether they differ with yours.” -- Sean in Tennessee

Thanks, Sean, but could you possibly have a word with Kevin? He doesn’t appreciate me the way you do.

Feel free to weigh-in with your thoughts and opinions (pro or con) at speedway@sirius-radio.com.


  1. chuck3:32 PM

    dave, u have a great show. if some people disagree, so what. let them get their own show. lets see how good they can do. as far as racing goes every race and situation is different. keep up the good work. there are thousands who appreciate you. thanks.

  2. I think you’re a bit off with the comment NASCAR doesn't take wins away when contact occurs between the front running cars.

    Ricky Rudd was stripped of a win in the Cup series when there was contact between him and Davey Allison on the last lap - that certainly wasn't 25 years ago.

    Your term "incidental contact" is humorous. What exactly does that mean? Because JPM knew sticking his nose inside Pruett in that situation was going to cause contact.

    I prefer to watch racing skill at work - doesn't take much talent to pull off a dump & run move.