Monday, March 19, 2007

UPDATE: Medlen Undergoes Craniotomy, Remains Critical

Injured NHRA Funny Car driver Eric Medlen survived a delicate, three-hour craniotomy procedure to relieve pressure and hemorrhaging yesterday evening, but remains in critical condition at the University of Florida Medical Center, and will be kept in a drug-induced coma for the next two weeks.

A craniotomy involves removal of a section of the patient's skull, allowing swelling to occur without causing brain damage. John Medlen, Eric's father and crewchief, said of the procedure, “We consider ourselves fortunate that Eric is in one of the top hospitals in the world for this type of injury and is getting absolutely the best treatment possible. We want to thank Eric's friends, fans, sponsors, and the entire NHRA drag racing community for their support in this very difficult time for our family. We would ask that they continue to remember Eric in their prayers. He's a fighter, but he has a long battle ahead of him.”

John Medlen also repeated an earlier request that fans refrain from speculation, especially on the Internet, where erroneous information has been a source of considerable anguish for the family.

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