Thursday, March 01, 2007

UPDATE: Darby Says Explanation Key To MWR Reinstatements

In a demonstration of just how seriously NASCAR takes the fuel additive discovered in Michael Waltrip's intake manifold at Daytona International Speedway earlier this month, suspended crewchiefs Robby Reiser (Roush-Fenway Racing) and Kenny Francis (Evernham Motorsports) were allowed to take part in yesterday’s key Car Of Tomorrow test at Bristol Motor Speedway, while Michael Waltrip Racing crewchief David Hyder and Vice President of Competition Bobby Kennedy were not.

Nextel Cup Series Director John Darby said yesterday that it is up to team officials to apply for Hyder and Kennedy’s reinstatement. However, he also made it clear that NASCAR is not inclined to allow them back until an explanation is given for what happened at Daytona.

"A couple of weeks is obviously nowhere near long enough," he said. "If we get through a long enough time period, and maybe get a little more help on how the whole situation came together, we'll look at it at that point."


  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I'm still waiting for NASCAR to explain excatly what the substance was.

  2. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I have heard many say on Sirius Speedways that if Micky would just fess up and say what it was and who it was that all would be well. Are you really going to let him off the hook that easy? "Hey, I shot the sheriff, so ok, well let's go huntin' now boys." That's what you're all saying, even Dave. All you have do is say ya did it and all is good. Are you really going to believe him now. If I was him I would just come out now with a statment to get people off my back truthful or not. That's what everyone is saying it would take. Fessin' up may start the healing process but it is along way from making it right and /or ok. I've only considered Micky an OK driver, but I did respect what he was trying to do with his own team, until Daytona. I'm sorry, his "Domino's, UPS, NAPA, Toyata Camary" grin isn't going to get him off the hook.