Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fifteen Things I'm Quickly Beginning To Dislike...

1. Concession stand burgers so old that the bun is welded to the meat.

2. Parents who think their 12-year old is the next Jeff Gordon. There’s only one Super-G, and even HIS parents took him racing for the right reason; because it was something the family could do together.

3. Those who believe a Toyota at Talladega represents the biggest threat to national security since Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

4. Rain at the racetrack.

5. "I’m a big (insert name of driver here) fan, and I think…"

6. People who think they're entitled to something, but don't care to work for it.

7. Fair-weather fans. I’ve suffered with the Boston Red Sox for 45 of my 46 years, and never thought about changing my allegiance. And you want to dump Dale Jr., because he changed numbers? Sheesh…

8. People who “hate” Teresa Earnhardt without ever having “met” Teresa Earnhardt. Then again, it’s probably easier to detest someone you know absolutely nothing about.

9. Seeing guys like Sterling Marlin, Joe Nemechek and Kenny Schrader slowly get squeezed out of the sport. I understand it, but I still don’t like it.

10. People who expect every race to be the best race EVER.

11. Lapped drivers who think their battle for 37th place trumps everything else going on behind them. It doesn’t.

12. People taking their shirts off who probably shouldn't.

13. "Car Of Tomorrows." Not the car, the term.

14. People who show up early to lay a blanket over 15 seats at their local short track, then come back with only four friends.

15. Closed minded fans slamming Open Wheel drivers.

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