Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Mayfield's Home To Be Auctioned April 30

Jeremy Mayfield
Just days after having the latest appeal in his ongoing lawsuit against NASCAR denied by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Jeremy Mayfield appeared in Catawba County (NC) Superior Court Monday to answer charges that he owes more than $3 million in past-due mortgage payments on his home and property.

Court documents show that Mayfield and his wife, Shana, took out a pair of mortgages on their home and 455-acre property with Carolina Farm Credit on July 28, 2006; loans totaling $3,127,500. They made regular payments on the loans for approximately three years, but fell into default after Mayfield was suspended from NASCAR for failing a drug test in May of 2009. Approximately $2.4 million in principal is still owed on the mortgages, along with an additional $392.40 in daily interest charges amounting to some $334,700.  
Foreclosure proceedings began in December of last year, and Mayfield’s property is scheduled to go on the auction block at the Catawba County Courthouse in Newton, NC, on Monday, April 30. Mayfield disputes the specifics of the case, telling reporters, “those numbers ain’t right” and claiming he is “working on something” to save his home from the auctioneer’s gavel. If he is unable to pay the outstanding debt by April 30, Mayfield must vacate the premises by May 10.
Mayfield also faces multiple felony charges related to a November raid on his home by Catawba County Sheriff’s Department Deputies that uncovered 1.5 grams of methamphetamine, a cache of firearms and thousands of dollars in stolen goods. He is due back in court on those charges June 25.


  1. The Debster11:28 AM

    what a terrible downhill spiral

  2. Dennis Tester aka @theSAFERbarrier2:00 PM

    Love the show on SIRIUS Dave!! Thanks for the honesty and fairness you bring to your listeners everyday!

  3. Dwayne in Memphis4:38 PM

    It wasn't really meth they found when they raided his property...it was ADHD medication and over the counter cold medicine. But when set those closely together on the counter it LOOKED like meth.

  4. Anonymous6:39 PM


    Doug from NJ

  5. this has gotten to the point, it's just very sad. Not funny for jokes anymore. this guy is in deep deep trouble. sorry, just my humble opinion..

    Lori (colorado)

  6. It just never stops, does it.....

  7. Dwayne in Memphis9:36 AM

    I agree that it's a sad situation. But I'm not the one still trying to sue NASCAR (or reinstitute a thrown-out case against NASCAR) claiming that my failed drug test was a mix of cough meds and attention prescriptions.

    When he stops trying to sell that ridiculous story and starts accepting the consequences and admitting they're of his own making, people will take him and his situation more seriously.