Monday, August 11, 2014

Canandaigua Promoter Issues Statement Calling For "Integrity and Compassion"

Canandaigua Motorsports Park promoter Jeremie Corcoran issued a statement today, in the aftermath of Saturday night’s accident that claimed the life of competitor Kevin Ward, Jr.

“I am extremely devastated from the tragic incident that occurred at Canandaigua Motorsports Park on Saturday night as I know are many, many, others,” wrote Corcoran. “First and foremost, I offer my sincerest and deepest condolences to the Ward family. Kevin Ward Jr was a spirited competitor and loved by so many. This is a tremendous loss to this family and the racing family as well. I have spoken to the family and they spent prayer time at the track Sunday in the early morning hours. Godspeed #13!

“To all the fans that witnessed this incident, I have you in my thoughts. This has been difficult to process and it surely is not what you come to the races for. I do ask that you hold on to your integrity and have compassion for everyone that was involved in this. I understand that we all can have opinions and have the right to express them, I just ask that you think about all the lives that have been affected over this before you speak out. 

“So many people are affected. So many are hurting. No one deserves more pain or blame. We need unity to support all that are hurting and the sport of racing we care so much about. That is the only way for us to heal and move forward.

“To all my staff that responded to this terrible tragedy, I thank you for your professionalism and dedication. Our Medical Staff did everything they could and I know you are all hurting. All the Safety and Track Officials that scrambled to secure the track and keep everyone focused and calm, I thank you. To all my friends that have called/texted me I thank you for your encouragement and support.”

Corcoran said he has cancelled Wednesday night’s next scheduled event, “to give my family, staff, fans, and racing teams time to grieve and process all that has occurred. I will let everyone know about next weekend as soon as I can.”
He said he took down the track’s Facebook Page taken down early Sunday morning “due to insensitive and hateful comments,” adding, “I plead with you to be respectful so we can keep this page active for you to keep informed.“


  1. Well said god bless and prayers to all involved or close to the families

  2. Ron Conley3:04 PM

    Now there is a promoter that has integrity and respect.

  3. Craig Wiseman7:02 AM

    Excellent statement, prayers to all involved.