Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shakeup Underway At Turner Scott Motorsports

A major shakeup is apparently underway at Turner Scott Motorsports, which fields entries on NASCAR’s Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series.
TSM is co-owned by Steve Turner and Harry Scott, Jr., who also owns the HScott Motorsports NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team that fields cars for rookie Justin Allgaier. Sources speaking on the condition of anonymity say that an ownership dispute between Turner and Scott could result in the team shuttering all or part of its multi-truck NASCAR Camping World Truck Series operation, effective immediately.
TSM field Camping World Trucks for former series champion Ron Hornaday, Jr. and rookies Ben Kennedy, Brandon Jones and Ben Rhodes. Just days ago, youngster Cameron Hayley was added to the team’s Truck Series roster for a limited schedule of races, beginning this weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. Sources say that only Kennedy’s Chevrolet may continue to compete, but that at least some of the team’s transporters have been called back to TSM headquarters in Mooresville, NC.
Turner Scott also fields NASCAR Nationwide Series entries for drivers Dylan Kwasniewski and Kyle Larson.  
The team was founded by Steve Turner for a part-time schedule of Truck Series events in 2009, before expanding to two full-time entries the following season. Turner Motorsports won the Camping World Truck Series championship with Steve Turner’s son-in-law, James Buescher in 2012. Calls placed to Turner Scott Motorsports, Steve Turner, Harry Scott, Jr. and others in search of comment were not immediately returned. will update this story as further details become available.

UPDATE: 4:40 PM ET -- In a brief text message, Turner Scott Motorsports co-owner Harry Scott said only that "What's been reported is not true." 

UPDATE: 5:15 PM ET -- Several employees of TSM have confirmed that they were laid off -- at least temporarily -- at approximately 3 PM ET today.

UPDATE: 5:45 PM ET -- While declining to comment on the specifics of the situation, Cameron Hayley says, "We will be racing this weekend... 100%"

UPDATE: 6:10 PM ET -- Harry Scott, Jr., co-owner of Turner Scott Motorsports has issued a written statement confirming that the team has shut down some of its NASCAR Camping World Truck Series teams, including that of former series champion Ron Hornaday, Jr.

“Turner Scott Motorsports remains in operation and will compete in this weekend’s NASCAR events,” said Scott. TSM’s NASCAR Nationwide Series race teams represented by the No. 42 driven by Kyle Larson and the No. 31 driven by Dylan Kwasniewski will complete this weekend as scheduled at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The No. 31 driven by Ben Kennedy and the No. 32 driven by Cameron Hayley in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series will compete as scheduled at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park this coming Sunday.

“My investment company, a co-owner of TSM, will continue to do all that it can to keep the team moving forward with or without our business partner Steve Turner. To all TSM employees, sponsors, partners and fans I pledge we will continue to do what we can to keep the teams racing hard each and every week of the season.”

Hornaday currently ranks fourth in the championship point standings, and declined to comment on the statement, saying he has spoken to no one at TSM and is uncertain of his status.


  1. Anonymous6:12 PM

    This will be a huge blow to the truck series if this is true. It almost reminds me of the Sharp-Gallaher Racing mess from the beginning of the year.

  2. Would it be safe to say that Steve Turner is responsible for the Rheem Sponsorship on the 30 Truck?

  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Could this have been a long time coming with the departure of son-in-law from team prior to season's start? There are no more ties for the T to remain in TSM. If you do not have a check in hand for sponsorship there is no room for a driver at the inn per say. Too bad but this is a business and not a charity.

  4. Anonymous6:39 AM

    I can't believe they wouldn't just bring Hornaday. But I suppose that part of the ownership dispute??

  5. Anonymous8:48 AM

    TSM pulls a ride from a driver in the top five in points? That's completely unprecedented...oh, wait. Call me crazy, but I would take Sorenson and Hornaday over Kennedy, Buescher, Allgaier, Dylan K, Jones or Rhodes any day of the week.