Monday, October 30, 2006

NASCAR Says Gordon "Padding Toss" Footage Inconclusive

Despite videotape footage that appears to show a piece of roll bar padding coming out of Robby Gordon’s Chevrolet 35 laps from the finish of yesterday’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, NASCAR spokesmen say they do not anticipate any penalties to be assessed.

NASCAR threw a caution flag on lap 291 of the race, ending championship contender Jeff Burton’s hopes of getting back on the lead lap, and prompting angry comments from Burton after the race. “We were going to be OK, and then they threw a caution because of a roll bar pad," said Burton. "NASCAR should stop every car on pit road and check for roll bar pads, and whoever threw it out should be fined 185 points and $100,000 because it was a huge impact on the race. It is starting to happen too often, and NASCAR gets on everybody when it happens. Well, they should find out who did it and penalize them.''

Nextel Cup Series Director John Darby said his inspectors were ordered to inspect every car for missing roll bar padding as they were loaded into the haulers, but cautioned that he did not expect to apprehend a culprit, saying, “We'll be going through every car as they load them, but that's not to say it might not have been under somebody's seat."

NASCAR ruled the NBC videotape “inconclusive,” with spokesman Herb Branham adding, “If (Gordon) did it, he did it. But looking at the video, it was inconclusive to the point we could not react to it.”

Gordon received a free pass back onto the lead lap during the caution, and ended up finishing tenth. After viewing the footage, Gordon said, “I definitely did not throw anything out of the window. It looks like it came out from under the back of the car. Maybe I ran over something, I don’t know.”

You can check out the footage and hear Gordon's comments by clicking HERE.


  1. Just a happy coincidence huh, Robby?....Also somebody needs to get the black helicopters again on the debris caution that allowed Jr. to pit back in

  2. Anonymous7:37 PM

    He's a cheater and a lier. The fact that NASCAR doesn't punish him for this blatant rule violation. He was awarded the lucky dawg when he himself caused the caution. I want to see him banned from the sport.

  3. Anonymous8:29 PM

    As of about 30 minutes ago both That's Racin' and Yahoo Sports are reporting nASCAR is still in the process of "investigating" the incident.

    Guess that means a lie detector test (close satire tags here) as the tapes are "inconclusive."

    I'm guessing after an "exhaustive" investigation the results will been the same, "inconclusive."

    And announced about Christmas Eve.

  4. Famous quotes...

    "I am not a crook" by Nixon!

    "I didn't throw anything out of my car" by Rollbar Robby!

  5. Ahhh and Tony Stewart is Mr. Clean after intentionally wrecking several people this year? Uh-huh. Where was your righteous indignation then, StewartFan?

    Look, everyone and their mother agrees it's been done before and done for years. Earnhardt the Greater was famous for it.

    If Robby did it and they can prove it without bringing in the guy that analyzed the Zapruder film (which it doesn't appear they will be able to do), penalize him like they penalized Reed Sorenson for doing the same thing. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I'm just curious as to why they are continuing to investigate this caution even though Robby's car was cleared and the video is inconclusive but they've yet to investigate the caution that saved Dale Junior's happy hiney. I guess because the fortutitousness of that caution helped a Chaser and the other caution supposedly hurt a Chaser?

    Yeah and NASCAR says they don't favor one driver or another. *eye roll*

  6. Anonymous12:04 AM

    Can someone refresh my memory? Didn't Reed Sorenson get caught chucking something onto the track in a Busch race for a caution? And I believe NASCAR issued no penalty. So even though in the court of public opinion, Robby Gordon is guilty I have to say that if NASCAR is going to be consistent they can't issue a penalty here.

    PS - It sure would be nice if calls from the Great White North could get through.

  7. Reed was Black Flagged, beyond that I cant recall.