Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ragan Parked For The Weekend

Roush Racing has withdrawn the No. 06 Ford Fusion and driver David Ragan from this weekend's Bass Pro Shops 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, after Ragan failed to secure approval from NASCAR to compete.

The team announced last week that Ragan would run both the Craftsman Truck and Nextel Cup races at Atlanta, but he is presently only cleared to run on mile tracks (or less) at the Nextel Cup level. His only other start prior to Martinsville came at Dover, where he crashed twice in 46 laps and finished 42nd. NASCAR spokesman Kerry Tharp commented on the decision Tuesday, saying, "There is an approval process in place, and his status will continue to be reviewed on a weekly basis. We take a lot of things into consideration: experience, qualifications, that type of thing. There's a NASCAR committee that convenes each week, and they will continue to review any application that he makes regarding the rest of the series."

Ragan is still cleared to run this weekend’s Craftsman Truck Series race at Atlanta, but was not on the entry list Tuesday afternoon. That could change in the aftermath of his withdrawal from the Nextel Cup roster.


  1. Good move by Nascar. Frankly I just dont see why Jack is rushing the kid into Cup. Ragan, O'Quinn and Darnell are not near ready for the big time. Roush has said he doesn't want to put a veteran in the #6 for a year or so (because of sponsorship issues?). What sponsor wants to see some kid crinkling up their logo from week to week? I say hire back Teddy Musgrave to run the #6 for a year and then see if one the kids is ready.

  2. Question...does Jack Roush have more mud on his face or does Kenny Rogers have more pine tar on his hand?

  3. I think Jack just wants to fill that 6 seat without thinking of the repercussions. If it were me I would ditch the 26 car and number let Jamie Mac have it and see why they hired him in the first place. It is obvious to me the better equipment isn't making it that far down the line. If memory serves me wasn't Jamie hired to take over the 6 anyways???

  4. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I have to agree with tiredog, why not put Mcmurray in the 6 car and put one othe others in the 26,, makes more sense...But I don't have Jacks Money. Still think ole Jack could of worked something out with Mark for next year. Who knows we may now see Matt Martin in a chevy in the future?