Thursday, October 19, 2006

Proud Day At VJGC

President George W. Bush visited North Carolina's Victory Junction Gang Camp yesterday, meeting with camp co-founders Kyle and Pattie Petty, and “King” Richard Petty.

The Commander-In-Chief's visit included a fishing trip to the “Bass Pro Shop Catch, Kiss & Release Marina,” with the President joining campers Maddie Lee and Hank Grissom. Campers also challenged the President to test his skills on a NASCAR simulator. The "World's Most Powerful Ture Changer" also took part in a mock NASCAR-style pitstop.

The President toured “Adams Race Shop” -- a 9,000-square foot building in the shape of a racecar – where he was met by Victory Junction campers Paul Rader, Will "Cheese" Kwapil and Morgan Sagerman, as well as drivers Michael Waltrip and Jimmie Johnson. The final stop of the day was at the camp’s dining hall, where the President took a photo with the entire staff. Pattie Petty said of the visit, “I can't thank the President enough for taking the time to come visit Victory Junction. I hope this makes every child and parent that has visited the camp very proud.”


  1. While the visit of the President is hearwarming, it pales in comparison to the good works provided by the Petty family.

    The Pettys are why I am proud to be a NASCAR fan! God Bless them!

  2. snafam said it best!!!