Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Appeals Panel Upholds XFINITY Series Penalty

The National Motorsports Appeals Panel today heard and considered the appeal of a P3 penalty issued on June 3, 2015 to Obaika Racing relative to NASCAR XFINITY Series vehicle #97 at Dover International Speedway.

The penalty concerns the following sections in the 2015 NASCAR rule book:

12.1 – Actions detrimental to stock car racing, and – Any and all ballast added to the vehicle must be bolted inside an added ballast container inside the main frame rails, and/or inside the front sway bar mounting tube.

Improperly attached weight; weight fell out of car.

The original penalty assessed was a $15,000 fine to the crew chief; a one-race suspension for the crew chief and car chief; probation for both the crew chief and car chief through Dec. 31; and the loss of 15 championship driver and 15 championship owner points. The team appealed only the assessment of the 15 championship driver and 15 championship owner points.

Upon hearing the testimony, the Panel ruled that the team violated the rule set forth in the penalty notice,
affirming and upholding the original penalty levied by NASCAR. The team has the right to appeal the decision of the National Motorsports Appeals Panel to the National Motorsports Final Appeals Officer in accordance with Section 15 of the NASCAR rule book.

The panel consisted of NASCAR Hall of Fame car owner Bud Moore, former Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year Lyn St. James and Caraway (NC) Speedway owner Russell Hackett.

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