Monday, February 08, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: NASCAR Expected To Announce New Charter System Tomorrow

NASCAR has scheduled a “major announcement” for tomorrow at 1:30 pm ET at the NASCAR Convention Center in uptown Charlotte, NC.

At that time, NASCAR Chairman & CEO Brian France and other key industry executives are expected to announce a new, charter-based ownership system that will govern the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2016 and beyond.
The system has been in the negotiating stage for months now, and is believed to include guaranteed starting spots in all Sprint Cup Series races for teams that have competed full-time in recent seasons. Sources say the starting field could also be trimmed to 40 cars – from the current 43 – with a limited number of starting spots left open for non-charter holding teams.


  1. NASCAR is really going downhill, FAST! Caution clock is absolutely ludicrous. Reducing cup fields to 40 is pointless. The 'franchise' system is, well, stupid. I'm pretty much done with NASCAR and that's a shame. I've been a fan for more than 30 years. I no longer attend races, rarely watch them live. Delete most that I've recorded, without watching them. Haven't listened to a race since mid-season 2015. I'm a truck driver and haven't tuned into Sirius/XM for so long I lost track. Barely follow NASCAR at all anymore. I used to follow this particular blog religiously but this is the 1st time in nearly 18 months that I've been here. Really thought I'd miss NASCAR and attending races. I've been to nearly 80 races in the top 3 divisions. I don't really miss it, at all. NASCAR is changing too much and too fast and in my opinion...and for the worse. I'm all about done with it, and it's sad. I just wish Brian France would go away!