Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hammond and Hermie Win!

Hermie Sadler pinned "Showtime" Eric Young in the center of the squared circle Saturday night, as he, Jeff Hammond and "Team 3-D" defeated Young, "America's Most Wanted" and Jeff Jarrett in an eight-man Lumberjack Match in Martinsville, Virginia. Sadler saved the day after Hammond fell to a vicious guitar shot to the head by Jarrett, covering Young after the Canadian took a helacious whipping from Brother Bubba and Brother Devon; formerly known as the Dudley Boyz.

Sirius Speedway's own Dave Moody shared the Lumberjacking duties with Nextel Cup drivers Kyle Petty, Michael Waltrip and Scott Riggs, and stayed busy tossing the escape-minded bad guys back into the fray. A good time was had by all -- except for Hammond, who was still a bit woozy more than 30 minutes after having Jarrett's guitar busted over his cranium.

After Sadler recorded the 1-2-3, Bubba and Devon granted the crowd's wish, sending the much-despised Young crashing through a folding table from the top rope. Moody got away unharmed, despite stealing the black Stetson of AMW's "Cowboy" James Storm and wearing it into the ring for a post-match celebration. Dave elected to return the hat after being threatened with severe bodily harm. In his words, "When a guy that size threatens to f--- you up, you quit screwing around and give him back his hat."

After spending the evening backstage and at ringside, Moody, Petty, Waltrip and Riggs all agreed on one thing; professional wrestlers are incredible athletes who take an unbelievable amount of punishment. In every match, at least one man returned shedding blood from some body part.

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  1. Jason In California11:20 PM

    So no sign of Bubba and the Hulkster? Glad to see that you are still alive and kicking Dave. Don't know what the hell my Monday would be like without you there to keep "producer boy" in line.