Monday, April 17, 2006

Maybe He Really WAS The "Redneck Jesus!"

Sometimes, stories come across my desk that are just too good to keep to myself.

Bayside Community Church in Manatee County, Florida, used the late Dale Earnhardt's GM Goodwrench showcar to boost attendance at Easter Sunday services yesterday, making the car available for viewing and photos. There was a catch, though.

If you wanted to be photographed with the car, you had to have a ticket. And to get a ticket, you had to sit through Pastor Randy Bezet's sermon, "Finishing The Race Of Life." That's not all. To obtain a free 4x6 print of you and The Intimidator's Chevy, you have to come back next Sunday, and sit through another service.

My suggestion? "Passing The Lord's Post-Race Teardown."

Pastor Bezet -- who we hope to speak to on today's show -- says he hoped to double his normal attendance of 1,100 yesterday. He mailed out 40,000 fliers in advance of the event, sent out press releases to local newspapers, and advertised on a country radio station and at a local short track. He also trumpeted the appearance of Earnhardt's car on the church's website, though in a way that may not pass muster with Richard Childress Racing, Teresa Earnhardt and their respective copyright attorneys.

You've got to respect that kind of creativity.


  1. Well... he was the " Big E"
    Wonder how many people actually showed up?

  2. People got mad at me on Sirius Speedway for referring to the bible as a "book of fairy tales"! Using Dale Earnhardt to bribe people to listen to your sermon seems to be much more sacriligious than anything I said!!!