Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stefanyshyn: New Rules Package Is Just One Step

NASCAR Vice President of Innovation and Racing Development Gene Stefanyshyn spoke today about the new 2014 Sprint Cup Series rules package, saying today’s announcement was the first step in an ongoing effort to improve on-track competition. 

The new package specifically mandates static ride height settings, obsoleting the often-troublesome pre- and post-race front height rules. Additionally, the 2014 rulebook will require a square leading edge on the splitter, side skirt and rear fascia adjustments, an eight-inch rear spoiler and a 43-inch by 13-inch radiator pan.  

While Stefanyshyn said NASCAR is hopeful that the new mandates will improve competition, he cautioned that today’s announcement is only a small part of the overall solution.  

“I think it’s important to set expectations,” he said. “The things we could do for the 2014 season were somewhat limited by timing. It should not be construed that this is the final solution. This is the first installment in a continuing improvement process of the racing product.” 

Stefanyshyn also commented on the sanctioning body’s decision not to utilize a tapered carburetor spacer in 2014, in an effort to reduce on-track speeds. “There were timing issues here,” he said. “(Tapered spacers are) definitely something we’re entertaining for 2015, but we want to take a more holistic approach and do perhaps three things at once to come up with a more robust solution that will serve us better in the long run. (The spacer) is something we will definitely look at in 2015.”

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