Friday, May 01, 2015

Darlington Rolls Out Signature Food Items

Darlington Raceway and its food and beverage provider, Americrown Corp., are partnering to offer fans three signature southern food items from the 1970’s as part of the track’s celebration of that era.

All the items will be sold at or below five dollars.

The food items featured will be a pimento cheese sandwich, fried green tomatoes, and a sausage perlo. Below are the details of each item:

Pimento Cheese Sandwich - $3.00 -- Made with scratch-made Palmetto style pimento cheese spread, served on fresh white bread.

Fried Green Tomatoes - $4.00 -- Made from sweet and tangy Roma tomatoes coated in bread crumbs, served with a spicy aioli.

Sausage Perlo - $5.00 -- Sliced grilled pork sausage served on a bed of South Carolina perlo rice.

All three entrees will be featured in several concession stands during the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Bojangles’ Southern 500 event weekend, on Sept. 5-6.

All the items were offered at the Track Too Tough To Tame in the early 1970’s. The ideas stemmed from strong record keeping by the family of track founder Harold Brasington. The family kept records of its menus and shopping lists from the 1950’s and continued to do so throughout the 1970’s, even though Brasington no longer owned the track.

When several of the recipes surfaced, Americrown put their own spin on the classic items, but kept the integrity and quality that the Brasingtons provided for their race fans.

“We were at Daytona International Speedway in February and thought about how we could bring these items to the fans of Darlington Raceway, albeit with some modifications,” Americrown Vice President of Food and Beverage Rishi Nigam said. “We took the original recipes for a spin and came up with these versions, which we feel the fans will really like. It’s important for Americrown to be able to offer items in our track’s markets that have local flare.”

“We appreciate Americrown partnering with us to come up with these signature food items we think fans will really enjoy,” said Darlington Raceway President Chip Wile. “These items really embrace the history and culture of Darlington Raceway and the deep southern roots and traditions the track had in the early 1970’s.”

Americrown will use as many certified South Carolina state products for each item as possible.

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