Friday, May 01, 2015

Harvick Has A Plan For Winning GEICO 500

Kevin Harvick has a foolproof strategy for Sunday’s GEICO 500 NASCAR sprint Cup Series race at Talladega Superspeedway.
Stay up front and rely on his spotter.
“(My plan) is going to be try to stay up front and hopefully stay out of trouble,” said Harvick today. “We all know that is hard to do, but I believe that with today’s rules package and all the things that go with it, it’s better to be in the front. I feel like you are safer up there. It seems like that is the best way to do it for us.”
A major part of staying safe through 500 miles at Talladega is having a top-notch spotter. Harvick relies on former NASCAR XFINITY Series driver Tim Fedewa to keep him abreast of what’s happening around him.
Fedewa (L) keeps Harvick safe
“Rodney (Childers) and I spent a lot of time looking for the right spotter to fit in with what I was looking for, and fit in with the team,” he said. “I listened to a lot of guys and felt like (Fedewa) was basic and simple. For me, that is really what I’m looking for. 
“I am not looking for a cheerleader, somebody to tell me how to drive the car or anything like that,” said Harvick. “But I am looking for somebody that can give me advice and -- especially at these places -- tell me when the line is coming, when the line is going and what is going on. 
“(I need to) be able to have confidence in that person as far as what is around me; believing it when he says ‘clear’ (without) looking in the mirror.  Timmy fits everything that we’ve put together as a team,”Harvi ck said, “and the most important thing is he gets along with all the guys and myself.
“(Doing) a good job on the radio is kind of bonus.” 

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