Thursday, May 25, 2006

Roving Reporter Lance Checks In

Sirius Speedway's unofficial roving reporter, Lance in PA, checks-in today with an update on his experiences during Coca-Cola 600 weekend in Charlotte. We welcome your "racing road stories," as well, from the highways, bi-ways and speedways across the country. Lance writes:

"Dave, Marty, and Suzy Q...

Tonight, I am attending the `Craftsman for a Cure' event, and am looking forward to racing against DW, Reutimann, and Bobby Labonte in go-karts. I will report back on that later in the week. Last night, I attended the Harris Teeter Race Fest at the Charlotte Knights Stadium, which drew a sizable crowd. I have the following observations to make, and have included a couple of digital photos.

1. People will stand in line forever to receive free handouts, whether the stuff is worthwhile or it is junk.

2. The autograph session had seven drivers, including Erin Crocker, Ted Musgrave, Danny O'Quinn, Joel Kaufmann and David Green. By far, Erin was the most popular one, attracting the most fans. The diversity of her fan base was pretty amazing, in that it was evenly split between men and women of all ages, from little kids to old folks, and rednecks to not-so-rednecks. Erin has a great personality, is extremely fan-friendly, and was more than happy to talk to anyone who stopped by. Ray Evenham and the folks from Betty Crocker were very smart in bringing her on board. When she has more success on the track and makes it to the Nextel Cup Series, she is going to be an absolute PR knock-out.

3. I am staying at a hotel here in uptown Charlotte during race week. Why don't they carry Speed Channel on my TV?????


Lance in PA"

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  1. Lance from PA8:13 AM

    Dave & Gang,

    Thanks for posting that! I just got back to the office this morning, and will send some more stuff later. The Craftsman for a Cure event was awesome, the drivers are really friendly, and a lot of people dropped a lot of money for charity. More to come soon. By the way, Erin and I went to RPI, not RIT, and wearing the shirt worked!!!!!