Monday, June 04, 2012

Busch Suspended By NASCAR Until June 13

Kurt will sit this weekend
NASCAR has suspended Kurt Busch until June 13 and extended his probation until Dec. 31 for his actions following the Nationwide Series race June 2 at Dover International Speedway.

Busch violated Section 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing; violation of probation; verbal abuse to a media member) of the 2012 NASCAR Rule Book. Busch had previously been placed on probation May 15 for his actions during the May 12 Sprint Cup Series event at Darlington Raceway. That probation was scheduled to end July 25.

Busch's suspension applies to all three NASCAR National Series, but will sideline him only from Sunday's Sprint Cup Series event at Pocono Raceway. The NASCAR Nationwide Series is off this weekend and Busch was not scheduled to compete in the Camping World Truck Series event at Texas Motor Speedway.

Busch issued a written statement, saying, “I accept NASCAR’s decision. I put them in a box, they had to take action and it’s my fault for putting them in this position. I apologize for the comments I made to Bob Pockrass.”

Phoenix Racing owner James Finch is reportedly unhappy with the former Series champion, and will replace him in this weekend's race at Pocono. Finch told's David Newton, "If he’s going to kill himself, I’m not going to be in the airplane with him." 

Finch said he will meet with Busch in the next few days to determine his future with the team. Phoenix Racing  is currently 26th in owner points, 102 points ahead of 35th.


  1. How soon before his employer cans him????

  2. Anonymous4:14 PM

    he needs to get out of nascar

  3. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Great driver, so immature at times it's hard to have any respect for the man.

  4. BELINDA4:19 PM


  5. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I don't think Kurt was abusive at all. He just wanted some time to cool down.

  6. joethedriver14:57 PM

    I understand that he needs to work on himself and by no means am i a fan of bush but i heard the interview and the reporter was asking questions that would make anyone mad at that time i belive the reporters should have to give all the drivers a cooling off period befor interviewing them the reporter asked question that had nothing to do with the race but about the take bush had with the other driver after the nation race and made comments to the fact bush was on probaition. this reporter has done this a mumber of times with bush this of coures is just my humble opinion

  7. Anonymous5:07 PM

    James Finch should put Justin Allgaier in the car. Better bang for his buck off and on the track ...

  8. what happened to first amendment rights in this country.Did he get physical? No. He was baited by another bad reporter that just wanted to get a rise out of him. I have watched every race for the last 10 years up until this year. Racing is boring . Fox needs to get rid of Waltrip (thinks he knows these cars lol) Only Larry Mac is smart enough to do the job. And now you cant be mad and say anything to hurt someones feelings. Thats why stands are empty. You can blame it on the economy but I stop going to races because being so bad, I have plenty of money to go. And I think more people than you want to believe feel the same way. Maybe reporters shouldnt try to set the tone but just report the tone.

    1. Let's say this one more time for the people who refuse to listen. The first ammendment does not apply to anyone but the government. So, since Kurt is a contractor with NASCAR, NASCAR has every right to silence him as they deem fit.

  9. What part of this doesn't he get?

  10. scott5:37 PM

    Reporters should not be allowed in the pits for 20 min after a race

  11. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Bob Pockrass also has a lil of this too to bear!

  12. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Way to step up to the plate James Finch......If I was you I would relieve him totally of his duties, not just this weekend! He needs to be banned from NASCAR. He's such a disgrace to the sport

  13. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Pockrass needs to learn if you keep poking a wounded bear with a stick you get what you deserve.That was a stupid question.What do you think,of course it affects the way he races. Dumb Question.

  14. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I bet Kurt will be looking for a new ride before the end of the week. Look for Kurt to be racing his unsponsored Go-Cart at a local short track near you!!!

  15. I don't think even Joe Gibbs could straighten him out. Too bad. He is a good driver.

  16. I'm liking kurt more and more,going into this truck stop and buying a monster energy drink,,

  17. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Bob got what he was looking for.Dont like the way Kurt handled himself but he was baited into his reaction.

  18. Anonymous10:04 PM

    I hope he puts the fun back into watching from his couch.

  19. My old Daddy would say Kurt exhibits all the classic symptoms of diarrhea of the mouth.

  20. Hi. I'm Brian Vickers. Driver of the #51 Phoenix Chevrolet.

    And so we bid goodbye to Mr. Busch, and are left only with the flash of what could have been. I say this as if he gone already. I have a feeling Mr. Finch won't be torn up he made a handshake deal vs. half a forest worth of legal jargon.

    We've seen some great talent with even greater demons. For some, drugs take em out. In this case, anger. Is there a difference when someone throws it all away? They're both self destructive behavior. Something can be done to fix both, if the person is willing to do so.

    He may feel a huge weight off his shoulders as he's tinkering in his garage on a weekend, or mowing the lawn. He doesn't have to try being someone else for a change. He won't feel like everyone is out to get him, because I don't think his antics will be missed, or sought out by anyone.

    Somewhere down the line, when he's too old to mow, too tired to tinker, maybe then it hits. What have I done? Even if he were to come to that realization tomorrow, it may be too late.

  21. Jay Warren(North Carolina)12:36 AM

    I wonder if Richard Childress has about 5 minutes he can spare?

  22. Anonymous2:09 AM

    The only solution is to route all the cooling ducts to Kurt's head. He'll just have to take care of the brakes.

  23. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Listening to the Late Shift, it sounded as if everyone seems to think that by him being suspended for a race, it will make him grow and learn. He lost a prime ride that every great driver would love to have and it doesn't seem like he has learned a thing. Why would a one weekend suspension help?

  24. I think busch has problems can't deal with them and is losse cannon waitting too explosed going off on the media not good time for nascar deal with this until someone gets hurt

  25. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Looking over the post it seems that almost everyone wants Kurt banned by NASCAR. If that was to happen what driver would inject the “drama” that is needed in the sport? Who would step-up and be the person you love to hate? The other Busch Brother, Kyle? Not gonna happen based upon his actions so far this year.

    Taking Kyle out of the sport would leave NASCAR without a driver that many tune into to see what he’s gonna do next. Without him the sport becomes even more milk toast. Generic beer wasn’t a good beer. Generic NASCAR isn’t a good product either.

  26. Anonymous7:40 PM

    First amendment rights apply only to citizens speaking freely in regards to their government, not one individual to another. BTW, I like the idea of rerouting all of the cooling ducts into KiBu's helmet.

  27. Anonymous12:29 AM

    It appears that the media folks have a very strong fraternity and shame on anyone that objects to their prodding and prying. I'm not a Kurt fan but I think Pockrass could have used more judgment in his interview.

  28. Anonymous6:59 AM

    What I want to see, is 42 drivers say no comment to Bob Pockrass, and the let the Sporting New dump him for the way he formulates his questions. I listen to the NASCAR media news conferences and Pockress always asks the questions that are not relevant to the race. Now you spoke of “Softball questions” and you are right, but the questions need to be relevant to the race. And Pockrass is such a “know it all” when it comes to the sport, maybe he needs to take a ride in a tame car so he can be aware of the environment. A driver black out towards Pockrass is warranted.

  29. Bob O4:34 PM

    His driving abilty is great bur the chin strap just a little to tight. because when you pull the chin strap down to much . it pushes a button on the top of your fead that makes races go nuts.