Tuesday, June 12, 2012

RPM Denies Report of Manufacturer Change

Richard Petty Motorsports has no plans to announce a new manufacturer affiliation this weekend at Michigan International Speedway. 

A published report earlier this week said the team was set to announce a new relationship with Dodge for 2013 and beyond, but a spokesperson for RPM categorically denied that today. “That is a nasty rumor we have been dealing with all day,” said an email response from the team. “Richard Petty Motorsports does not have any announcements planned this weekend at Michigan International Speedway, nor does the team have any plans to discuss our manufacturer status.”


  1. Anonymous7:09 PM

    With the progress that RPM has made over the past couple of seasons, I would hope that they don't make a switch. I believe it would be taking many steps backwards.

  2. As both a Petty Racing and Dodge fan I would love to see them back with Dodge, But to be honest it doesn't make any sense. With the Roush cars RPM is doing better now than they have in decades.

  3. With the way the Fords are running for RPM, I think they would be foolish to switch to Dodge. And who will be building engines for Dodge? I don't see Ford allowing Penske to do that.

  4. I think Dodge now understands they blew it earlier. Let's face it, Richard is at heart a Chrysler man and I think Dodge wants to get it right this time after they blew it last decade.