Friday, June 29, 2012

Roush: "I Might Have Been Able To Stop It."

Jack Roush said today that he took his eye off the ball, allowing another team to spirit away Matt Kenseth.

The Roush Fenway Racing co-owner told reporters at Kentucky Speedway that he was shocked when Kenseth informed him recently that he will leave at the end of the 2012 campaign. “I will say I was surprised when I learned he would not be signing with us," said Roush. "I won't comment on any of the negotiations, because we have an agreement not to talk about that."

Roush said he erred by focusing too much on the nuts-and-bolts aspects of his operation, and not enough on contracts, sponsorships and business-related affairs.

"If I had been as vigilant and diligent and interested in that side of the business as I am on finding why a fuel pump broke, or why a connecting rod bearing failed, or how we could get the next pound of downforce... if I had been taking care of the business side of the business as hard as I tried to take care of the technical side I might have been able to stop it."

Roush, a longtime opponent of Toyota, gave a hint to Kenseth’s future plans, saying, "From my standpoint, he will be moving to the dark side."

The veteran team owner said he is confident that Kenseth’s No. 17 Best Buy Ford team will be able to continue its quest for the 2012 Sprint Cup Series championship, adding he remains a fan and friend of his longtime driver.

"I have not lost respect for Matt and I hope he hasn't for me," he said. "(But) I won't have the same sense of wishing for his success on the race track next year that I will for the balance of this year. He will -- from my point of view be moving to the dark side – (but) we will get through that. Personally, we will be fine.”


  1. Todd Bethe3:35 PM

    He is or was your best driver cat in the hat! Sorry he does not do flips and flops like Carl or does not have a big mouth. He just races!!

  2. Sam Agami3:36 PM

    He needs to fire his whole marketing department! How can you not find a sponsor for a former champion leading the points, not to mention an up and coming young star who has already won Daytona! It boggles the mind how mediocre talent gets sponsors, while prime quality drivers at Roush go without

  3. Think you hit it on the head. How come roush can't get sponsorship?

  4. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Wow - the "dark side"? Goes to show you - even guys like Jack Roush make mistakes. Your most important asset? Your people; not your fuel pump, main bearings, or any other hard parts.....Would love to see the 17 win the championship this season.

  5. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Well gee Rousch what do you expect how many have you run off now!!!!

  6. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. You dizzy yet, Jack?

  7. We all knew Home Depot couldn't stand by any longer letting Johnson run away with everything.
    Matt is one heck of driver and will be right up there as he always is.
    And coming from a Hendrick fan..That #20 car glory days are coming back and with out sliced bread driving it.

  8. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I've owned Chevy and GM products all of my life. Never owned a Ford, never owned a foreign car. My driver is Kyle and my team is JGR. They are far from the dark side. It's unfortunate Jack Roush holds such disrespect for his competitors. It's HIS fault Matt walked, and maybe if he had more respect for the man who KNOWS how to lead a real team, he'd have caught Matt's discontent sooner.

    Doug from NJ