Monday, June 11, 2012

Ford Tweaks 2013 Sprint Cup Fusion

The first race of the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season is still eight months away, but Ford Motor Company has already made its first tweak to the `13 Sprint Cup Series Fusion first revealed back in January.

Changes to the car include what the manufacturer class “enhanced design cues,” including a new, actual front grille – replacing the stickered facsimile featured on the reveal car -- modified hood lines and other adjustments to the nose of the machine.

Ford NASCAR design manager Garen Nicoghosian said of the changes, “We had an opportunity to add more personality and detail to the race car. We took advantage of this opportunity and sculpted a more aggressive front end and added grille bars that are identical in design to the production car. We also added more detail to the fog light housings, and created a more detailed headlight area as well.”

Ford also added what Nicoghosian called, “a more aggressive hood… to achieve a closer look to the production car. Our race car is even closer in design to the production car now, and we are very pleased with the results.”

Ford will have the 2013 Sprint Cup Fusion on display during the upcoming Michigan NASCAR race weekend.


  1. John Lavoie3:27 PM

    I expect that grill just looks like a grill....but no air can go thru it, right?...'cause i can't see them taping it and with it open it'll cause to much drag with to little downforce

  2. kevin in ontario4:11 PM

    What do you think Dave should it not be badged a Ford DB9??

  3. I think Dave should be in as badged a ford DB9