Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Finch: Busch "Needs To Get His Mind Right"

Finch: "Be nice to people."
Phoenix Racing owner James Finch told Sirius XM NASCAR Radio’s “The Morning Drive” today that he will meet with embattled driver Kurt Busch early next week to determine whether the former Sprint Cup Series champion will continue with the team following a one-week suspension from the sport.
Busch was suspended by NASCAR Monday for verbal abuse of a media member, after telling Sporting News reporter Bob Pockrass that being on NASCAR probation “refrains me from beating the (expletive) out of your right now, because you ask me stupid questions.”
Finch has teamed with Busch on a handshake agreement this season, but said, “We're going to meet the next week and have a come to Jesus meeting.” He said he will tell Busch, “Quit wrecking cars (and) be nice to people. That's not hard to do.”
Busch's ride could be in jeopardy
Busch has crashed 14 cars in 13 events this season, severely taxing a team that has a small number of employees and no regular sponsor. A clearly angry Finch said changes must be made if his relationship with Busch is to continue. “We've got to get Kurt in the right frame of mind,” he said. “He needs to either get his mind right or he's going to be working somewhere else. If we stay together, it will be on a race-by-race basis."
He also confirmed that David Reutimann will drive the No. 51 Phoenix Racing Chevrolet this weekend at Pocono Raceway. Reutimann had been scheduled to steer Tommy Baldwin Racing’s No. 10 Chevrolet at the Tricky Triangle, but that ride will now be taken by TBR driver Dave Blaney. Tony Raines will replace Blaney in the team’s No. 36 Chevy, which is a guaranteed starter in the race.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Buddy Baker had a nice perspective on Bush yesterday evening , But I've got another view .Moody after a couple years of marriage you learn when not to talk , say , or ask your wife anything , right ? Look I don't like or agree with Kurt's behavior but at what point should or could the media figure out how to deal with this guy or to not deal with him at all ? They are insistent on keeping him in the spot light . Seems to me they (media ) would do all of us and themselves far more good to stay away (completely) from Bush , he is not worthy of the media's attention and how much good would it do Kurt to not be in the public view ? Bingo ! It will be the best punishment possible !

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Mr Finch and Monster took a chance this year.
    Won't blame them for that, but going forward I think both should be asked if they wish to be known for integrity or being an enabler?

    Robert Y

  3. Anonymous1:14 PM

    In my opinion, the owners need to start getting there mind's right and stop hiring this guy!!!

  4. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I'm more worried about the 14 cars. poor Mr. Finch didn't hire Clyde Crashcup, he hired Kurt Busch. Oh wait, they've become one in the same I think. It is not just the media's job not to punish Kurt, it isn't the fans job either. NASCAR already has, it's up to James Finch next.

    Anyway, there's a simple solution, fire the guy and we all stop talking abut him. But then what do we have to talk about except Jeff's bad luck, Carl's bad luck, 5-Time is making another run, Jr.'s bad luck, Tony's bad luck, oh wait, vanilla, the juice NASCAR runs on. I'm not name calling , I'm calling it as it plays in my view. We have a sport where the sponsor's call the shots, we've become so concerned about being proper in the sponsor's eyes and in the eyes of fans who are far from perfect or proper that we can't allow a word of anger or disgust, oh no don't make the sponsors unhappy.

    Just my view, its a two way street, and in many many sports, players refuse to talk to or even reply to many sports writers they think did them wrong. Kurt needs to do the same and Pockress needs to leave him alone.

    My rant, thanks for reading

    Doug from NJ

  5. Tony in OH8:31 PM

    Sounds like this is going the way most people (read "almost everyone I heard from that wasn't a Busch fan") seemed to expect it to go. I'd love to know the answer, but for Kurt's sake, no one should ask him if he's still "having fun."

  6. Dipship4:45 PM

    I would just like to comment on Kurt wrecking 14 cars.... Physically Kurt can drive with the best of them, yes? Mentally Kurt has lost it, yes? The two do go together, but... Kurt has driven the best cars in NASCAR basically his entire NASCAR career, this year Kurt found himself, put himself, in just okay equipment. Yes Mr Finch gets his engines and cars from HMS, But Finch ain't getting Jimmies cars, or Jr's cars for sure. Plus getting the car set up is a major part of racing. IMO, I think Kurt has had mediocre cars and has been forced to over drive them just to stay on the lead lap. Then there have been a few wrecks or being wrecked that are included in that 14 number as well. Mr Finch, you did tell Kurt at Daytona to bring him a trophy or the steering wheel....