Wednesday, September 04, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Heaphy Banned For Papis Slap

NASCAR has handed down penalties in the aftermath of the “slap heard `round the world” following Sunday’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in Bowmanville, Ontario. 

After a final-turn crash between drivers Mike Skeen and Max Papis, Skeen’s girlfriend, Kelli Heaphy slapped Papis in the face on national television. The slap received nationwide media attention and was replayed countless times on ESPN Sportscenter and the network morning shows. 

Bryan Berry, crew chief of the No. 6 Sharp Gallaher Racing truck driven by Skeen, has been fined $2,500 for violating Sections 12-1 and 9-4A (Crew chief assumes responsibility for the actions of his team members) following Sunday’s race.  

Heaphy has been fined $2,500 and denied access to all NASCAR events indefinitely for her involvement in the altercation.


  1. A very wise man once told me many things can enable you to see the future.

    I would like to think that her judgement was clouded rather then impaired while making this gesture of ill will. I think many of us knew with the attention this incident has gotten NASCAR would act.

    I do not think she realized that she may have killed her boyfriends chances of a NASCAR ride in the future. What team wants to risk the fines or points implications of a part time drivers GF's temper tantrums.

    So much for those 15 minutes of fame.

    1. Anonymous10:05 PM

      2500 guess a slap on the wrist is worth a slap in the face !

  2. That' what she deserved.

  3. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Women in the stands only....shouldn't be in the garage area or elsewhere...nothing but trouble otherwise.

  4. Wow cheap slap. Glad to see she has been banned.

  5. Anonymous5:48 PM

    glad she didn't make a fist

  6. Cliff Cherry6:05 PM

    I also like Skeen's total non apology in his statement. For a guy running his first ever NASCAR national series race, he and his bunch certainly seem quite full of themselves in all their actions

  7. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Nobody ever heard of either one of them till now.

  8. RobertG.7:36 PM

    So how come that someone who violates the substance abuse policy has a road to be re-instated, but we want her banned for life?
    I don't agree about what she did, but think she should get a second chance like everyone else.
    Although so far, she has not done anything to show that she is sorry for what she did and wants a second chance.

  9. Anonymous8:57 PM

    RobertG, you might want to re-read her penalty--she is denied access to NASCAR events indefinitely, not banned for life. I would assume that if she pays the fine, makes a sincere apology, and behaves, NASCAR would eventually give her a second chance.

  10. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Suspended indefinitely can mean a year or two by Nascar standards. Byran Berry, the crew chief, was suspended indefinitely in 2009 for a racial slur. He's back already.

  11. Anonymous12:08 AM

    There should be be a double standard. There should be legal action as well.


  12. I believe it is not only the lack of remorse but also that it was her first event and she violated the clearly defined code of conduct. Put bluntly she does not know how to act at a NASCAR Event.

    A lot goes on behind the scenes, her conduct may have killed his chance of a regular or even another 1 shot ride. Sponsors do not care for this kind of publicity. Teams understand how things like this can make or break a deal. The reaction from the uniformed team members when the Trucks were behind the wall was bad enough, factor in the "The Slap in the Yap" on TV and you have all the makings of a major issue.

    His conduct on Social Media will no doubt influence NASCAR Team owners with open seats in the future, more then likely any potential sponsors also.