Sunday, September 15, 2013

NASCAR Announces New Spotter Regulations

Following a week-long review of events that transpired during last Saturday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Richmond International Raceway, NASCAR has announced a set of officiating revisions to further reinforce its in-race rules and regulations.  

NASCAR officials met with drivers, owners and crew chiefs Saturday afternoon at Chicagoland Speedway to address revisions that will take effect beginning with today’s opening race of the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup. The revisions are designed to help competitors understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to the sanctioning body during race events.  
“Today’s technical bulletin addresses the subject of team(s) artificially altering the outcome of a race and the level of reaction that this will receive from NASCAR,” said Robin Pemberton, NASCAR Vice President of Competition. “We reinforced this issue to the teams in our meeting earlier today and conveyed what is considered unacceptable in our officiating of the event.” 
The revisions include a new restriction to just one spotter per team on the spotters’ stand. That’s potter will be allowed two analog radios, a scanner and a Fan View.  Video cameras will be installed on spotters’ stand to monitor interaction between spotters.


  1. Will the one spotter rule apply to tracks with limited visibility, like Indy, or road courses? I haven't heard that part of it explained.

    1. One spotter per spotter stand...doesn't prohibit them from having multiple spotters on multiple stands around the track.

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    What about letting someone pass for one lap to let them get points for leading a lap? Doesn't affect "finish" position of race but could affect Chase points...

  3. Anonymous4:18 PM

    There is a black helicopter .....

  4. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Dump the Chase. Go to a points system where the entire field is inverted based on Qualifying. Teams get 1 point for each car they pass. 43 points for the winner and deduct 1 point for each position 2 thru 42. NO POINTS for leading a lap or leading the most laps.

    Just my 2cents worth

  5. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Dear ananymouse at 10:00am. How about figure 8's and as Tony Stewart said,"We need to have 10 go backwards as the rear of the field stays going the otherway". People NASCAR is full of smart people and they have us the fans in mind as they figure all of this out. As Dave Moody would say. " Your submarine has a screen door." Thanks Moody.