Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Glen Wood Remembers Junie Donlavey

Junie Donlavey
Wood Brothers Racing founder and NASCAR Hall Of Famer Glen Wood commented today on former team owner Junie Donlavey, who passed away Monday at age 90.

“The only thing you really need to know about Junie Donlavey is that he was probably the most well-liked person ever in the sport of NASCAR,” said Wood. “He was a good friend of the Wood Brothers … one of our very best friends in the sport.   I can tell you I would call him on the phone, and even before I could get a word or two out, he knew who it was that was calling.

“The thing I will always remember about Junie is that he was never mad or upset.  He took everything in stride.  He just enjoyed being around the sport and being around people.   You’d see him in the garage, and he’d always be talking with someone, and I used to love seeing him doubled-up laughing over some story.

“As far as I know, his team was never fully-funded, like you would see with most teams,” Wood said. “But he always wanted to run well every time he was out there.  I know he had some real good cars in the modified and sportsman days, even before NASCAR started.  He had cars that ran well all the time, so he was a competitive person.

“But he always helped out everyone, no matter who you were.  He helped out so many drivers and crew members who just wanted to get into the sport.  He always had time for people like that."

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  1. He is someone who I still miss to this day in NASCAR. When I attended the Dover race on 1 Jun 2014 the hat wore that day (which in black in color) and hot in the sun. Was the following: It is a Donlavey Racing on the back, Dick Trickle on the right, the number 90 on the left, and Heilig-Meyers on the front. I miss them both. And yes I remember the other sponsors. My, how some things come together. Junie ran the number 90 for as long as I can remember. And Junie has left us at 90.

    Sometimes in life you always remember certain things in life. Such as Nov 63, Jul 69, Sep 11. I get it. This I will remember also. I hope and wish his family know how we truly miss him from his heyday and what he gave to up and coming drivers. He has left his mark in NASCAR. Glen and Dave thank you for this post.