Monday, June 23, 2014

Report: ESPN Drops "NASCAR Now"

Five months before leaving the ranks of NASCAR television partners, ESPN has cancelled "NASCAR Now."  

The daily NASCAR news show debuted in 2007, but network spokesperson Andy Hall told today that the network “just decided to make a change in the programming schedule.”  

ESPN ends its run as an official NASCAR broadcast partner at the end of this season – giving way to FOX and NBC – but Hall called the move “totally unrelated to our telecast of NASCAR races.” In his words, “We will continue to aggressively cover NASCAR across our news platforms, including SportsCenter, and others.” 
"NASCAR Now" has been pre-empted in the last two weeks for coverage of the FIFA World Cup, and prior to that, frequently aired in the early morning hours.


  1. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Further proof auto racing is dying a very slow death.

    1. Further proof that people who remain anonymous probably don't deal in facts only fiction ....yw moody

  2. NASCAR Now is a joke. The best show ever was Wind Tunnel.....

  3. BSPN sucked in general, and nascar "right now" was a joke

  4. Norm D5:32 PM

    Must have been tough for Andy to say.......

  5. Sure it is unrelated....sure. Just happenstance they say. Want to buy some nice dry land in the Everglades?

  6. Jim Kenney7:31 PM

    Let's see: spotty coverage, no set time so it moved all around, sometimes so silly it wasn't worth watching, etc. Golly gee, I wonder why nobody was watching

  7. The reality is there is too much coverage of NASCAR - shows like NASCAR Now were overkill. NASCAR needs to scale back having so many shows covering it.