Friday, November 14, 2014

France Says NASCAR Will Wait For Busch Investigation Before Acting

NASCAR Chairman Brian France said today that the sanctioning body will take a tough stand on domestic violence, but not at the expense of due process.

With Stewart-Haas Racing driver Kurt Busch being investigated for domestic assault by the Dover (Del.) Police Department and Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), calling on NASCAR to suspend him, France told reporters today at Homestead Miami Speedway that the organization will wait until actual charges are filed before acting.

“It's a very sensitive topic today, rightfully so,” said France. “And so, (it’s) not surprising that some members of Congress and other leaders might have some strong views on what we should and shouldn't do.

“We'll stay the course, let the investigation be completed and then we'll react.”

In the aftermath of high-profile domestic violence cases involving NFL players Ray Rice and Greg Hardy in recent weeks, France said the sanctioning body understands the need to send a clear message to its drivers and teams.

“What's not lost on us by any stretch is a rightful, heightened awareness of domestic abuse and violence,” he said. “So you can expect our policies to reflect the understandable awareness that that's not going to be tolerated. It's pretty clear when you see what's happening around the country and in some of the other leagues that our policy will reflect the significance and importance that it should.”


  1. Glad he is given the chance to prove his innocence... Most of the time your guilty until proven innocent.

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Brian France is quickly become the most reasonable man in the nation; he has wisdom far past his years. NASCAR has shown throughout the years that they do not have kneejerk reactions. They show a well thought out view of a situation and a careful analysis before ever making a change. What a refreshing view. Most every change they have made lead to a better change and a better way for the sport. As a governing body, they are the role model.

    Congressman and woman are trying to capitalize on public opinion for their own gain. They try to levy their influence in matters that are not asked for or warranted for their own purpose to gain some recognition of their own. I can see the TV Ad now “She fought against DM with NASCAR”, coming into this with what? There are no real facts yet. Kurt Busch has not been charged. Someone made a 911 call and made an allegation? Doesn’t this happen in many situations that turn out unsubstantiated?

    We are supposed to be a nation of laws and values, these laws should apply to everyone. We are not supposed to be influence by the TMZ or the STAR headlines, yet this is becoming more popular in our politicians now more than ever.

    There is no place for domestic Violence “EVER”…this is not the point. The point is politicians trying to jump over the judicial process for what purpose? Who benefits in the end? What if Kurt Busch did not do this? This is why we should have an un-biased investigation….Brian France is right…react when you have something to react to.

    Kurt Busch has a bad reputation, it is well documented. He has a volatile temper, again, well documented. He would be an easy target for a person looking to gain some notoriety of their own. He will be played out in a court of public opinion that he will probably lose due to his own devises. None of this should stop him from receiving a fair hearing. If it turns out he did it, then he’s on his own.