Friday, November 14, 2014

Stewart Haas "Taking Kurt At His Word" In Domestic Violence Case

Stewart-Haas Racing has issued a statement today, in the aftermath of calls by United States Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) that Busch be suspended, pending the outcome of a domestic violence investigation. 

"The allegation made against Kurt Busch is one Stewart-Haas Racing and its partners take very seriously,” said the team. “We have spoken to Kurt in depth regarding this matter and he has vehemently denied that it happened and assures us there is no truth to it whatsoever. We are monitoring this situation closely and will let the authorities continue with their thorough investigation. At this point in time we are taking Kurt at his word and his status with the team is unchanged."


  1. Oh, and GFY Jackie Speier!

  2. tracey3:17 PM

    Innocent until proven guilty.........or until a grandstanding politician wants some media face time.

  3. Congresswoman Jackie Speier should go back under the rock she came from with the rest of her colleagues and mind her own business. She was elected to do something good for the country, Not promote herself by getting involved with something she heard on the news

  4. Anonymous8:32 PM

    well what to say