Friday, November 07, 2014

Gordon: Keselowski Needs To Deal With Fellow Drivers

Jeff Gordon said today that his post-race incident with Brad Keselowski following Sunday night’s race at Texas Motor Speedway was less about what happened on the race track and more about Keselowski’s unwillingness to address it.

“Well, (the situation) escalated because Brad didn’t want to face the situation. If we could have had a face-to-face, there would have been no incident.
“I think there is a little bit of misunderstanding,” said Gordon. “I have no issue with a guy being aggressive and making a bold move. If you win the race and the guy that you slam finishes third or fourth, I will be the first one to stand up and say `That was awesome, that was a great move.’ But when you don’t win the race and you ruin a person’s day, there are consequences that you are going to have to deal with.  How you handle yourself (afterward) is a part of that. 
“If you are going to compare to the greats of this sport that have been aggressive over the years, you also have to compare how they handle themselves in those situations afterwards.  The ones that I have had to deal with… know how to not make enemies. They might not have a lot of friends out there, but they also don’t have a lot of enemies. 
“(And) if they do, they seem to find a way to patch that up fairly quickly.”
Gordon said he is ready to put the situation behind him and get back to business this weekend at PIR.
“I’m not mad about it,” he insisted. “I’m ready to move on and focus on Phoenix. I race people the way they race me. If I am in a situation (and) feel like I can make a bold move that is going to help me win the race, and he stands in the way, I’m going to do the same thing he did to me last week.” 


  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    What situation did he have to tried to door slam him because you took the wrong lane...

    Hey Jeff, I really don't think there was a misunderstanding.... You called him a piece of Sh!t...He stood there and took it until you started talking trash and calling him names. What did you tell your crew when you where getting out of the car?

    If you had any b@lls at would have gone after him sans helmet...take a lesson from Matt Kenseth...if your going to do something, do it..or else shut up.

    You made a mistake and he took advantage of it....that's what winners do.

  2. Anonymous5:42 AM

    I wonder if Kyle sent Brad a Lexus as a thank you for taking possession of the Black Hat?

  3. After a week of this topic front and center where Jeff Gordon would have watched this pass over and over he still thinks he was slammed by Keselowski. Veteran drivers have weighted in and they would have all taken that hole and said Keselowski did exactly what he had to do. Former drivers, race analysis, crew members all say it was Gordon who came down on Keselowski.

    It’s comes down to NASCARS rat pack who wouldn't drive like that, but they do and they think that Keselowski needs to act like a champion. As a long time fan of the sport I see how Keselowski could be doing some off tracks things differently. Who does he take his advice from?

    - Harvick and Hamlin: two drivers who called him out for not acting like a champion. One of these two could potentially be our sports next champion but act more like a couple of school yard bullies
    - Tony Stewart: The three time champion who stands up in Daytona a number of years ago says someone is going to get killed and during that same race he punts Kenesth through the infield, has no problem moving a driver out of the way, or going after someone following a race if they don’t race the way 3-time wants them to race. “race me as I say not as I race you”.
    - Kurt Busch: Yup a former champion, emulate that piece
    - Jeff Gordon: The four time champion who clearly leaves a hole, comes down on Keselowski and the ensuing contact gives him a flat tire and it’s still Keseloski’s fault..

    Be a champion Jeff and tell it how it was. It was your mistake not his, you left the hole, keselowski filled it, your spotter told you he was there and you came down on him anyway.

    You said you will be racing keselowski the way he races you. I hope you race everyone that way cause its some damn good racing and it’s kept me on the edge of my seat this season.

  4. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Jeff, just admit it was your fault!

  5. Now he says he just wanted to talk, didn't look like it to me. He messed up and he knows it.

  6. I have no dog In this fight, but isn't this the same drive that said he would move his teammate, Dale Jr, out of the way for a win? I would think dumping a teammate would be considered as more serious than a competitor.